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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YouTube bans Poonam Pandey’s Mirror Act

Poonam Pandey is in hot news again. This girl is desparately trying to be in news. During World cup cricket 2011, Poonam was in news when she said that she would go nude if the Indian team wins the World Cup. Now Poonam is in news again for her video clips.

The video clip ‘The Mirror Act’ shows Poonam Pandey coming out of the bathroom in a towel, applying lotion on her body and moving towards a mirror. Poonam Pandey found standing in front of the Mirror in a low white bikini. You Tube has banned and removed the ‘Mirror Act’ as it violates its policy.
Actually Poonam Pandey is trying hard to get popularity. She wants a break in Bollywood film or TV. Presently Poonam Pandey is the internet sex symbol of India. Recently she expected that she would be a part of Bigg Boss 5 but her hope crashed as she was not selected in Bigg Boss 5.

After her first video clip ‘Bathroom Secrets’, which was launched few days ago, ‘Mirror Act’ was her second video clip. Her third video clip is going to be ‘Bed Room Secrets’.

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