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Friday, March 24, 2023

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chadha are in news

 Both are wearing white clothes. Got off from the same car. From dinner to lunch the next day, Saralen was together. Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chadha have since practiced. Recently, seeing them together in Mumbai, netizens wanted to take two by four, then are they in love?

Both of them posed with smiles when photographers surrounded them outside a luxurious restaurant. Fans were thrilled to see them. Commenting on the photo that went viral on social media, “How cute together!” Another wrote, “If they are actually dating, I am so happy!”

Raghav is currently the youngest member of the Lok Sabha. He is a resident of New Delhi. Studied in England, London School of Economics. On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra's sister Parineeti also studied at Manchester Business School in England. He acted in the movie in 2011 while working in marketing at Yash Raj Films.

According to a Mumbai news agency report, the incident is not what it appears to be. Two stars from two worlds said that they are friends from college days. Studied together in London. Incidentally, both of them met again as they were in Mumbai at the same time. They both love to travel. It is also known that they talk about undiscovered tourist spots in different parts of the world.

Film Director Pradeep Sarkar Passes Away

 Bollywood's Bengali director Pradeep Sarkar passed away at the age of 67. Director Hansal Mehta shared the news on Twitter on Friday morning. "Pradip Sarkar, dada, may your soul rest in peace," he wrote. In 2005, Pradeep came to the directorship with the film 'Parineeta'. In 2007, 'Laga Chunri Mein Daag' touched the hearts of the audience. After that, Pradeep also responded in films like 'Lafange Parinde' (2010) and 'Mardaani' (2014).

Pradeep was hospitalized due to illness. The director died at 3:30 am on Friday. The relative said that the director was suffering from physical problems for a long time. He has undergone kidney dialysis. Despite that, blood potassium levels were dropping at a massive rate. He was being treated in that condition. But the last defense did not happen. He will be cremated in Santa Cruz on Friday at 4 pm.

Though a Bengali director, Pradeep mainly worked in Mumbai. Cinemapara is saddened by his death. After Hanasal Mehta, actors Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpayee also gave condolences. According to all of them, it is hard to believe that this could happen. Pradeep's career started from the world of advertising. He came into the limelight by making videos for songs like 'Dhoom Pichak Dhoom', 'Mayeri' and Shubha Mudgal's 'Ab Ke Sawan'. 'Helicopter Ella' (2018) was his last film.

Pradeep's every film was a success despite doing less number of films. Pradeep started working in movies with Rajkumar Hirani in the nineties. Credited as co-editor of 'Munnabhai MBBS'. His directorial debut Parineeta starred Vidya Balan, Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Pradeep next directed 'Laga Chunari Mein Daag' starring Rani Mukhopadhyay, Konkana Sensharma, Jaya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. Rani was also in 'Mardani'. Kajol was acting in the last film 'Helicopter Ella'. Young Bengali actor Riddhi Sen was also there. Pradeep also contributed to the OT work. Recently made the 'Duranga' series. In October 2022, actress Kangana Ranaut announced that she will play the titular role in Pradeep's next film 'Naati Binodini'.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tolly actress Roshni Bhattacharya in Hindi film with Radhika Apte

 Roshni Bhattacharya is very popular face of Bengali serial. From 'Godhuli Alap' to 'Karunamayi Rani Rasmani', he was seen in hit serials one after the other. Roshni Bhattacharya. Not only television, but also worked in Bengali films directed by Srijit Mukherjee. The name of the picture is 'Ati Uttam'. Although that film is still waiting for release. This time, Roshni crossed the threshold of Tollywood and crossed over to Bollywood. Roshni will be seen in a film named 'Mrs Undercover' with Radhika Apte.

Roshni said, "I can't say anything about the character right now. But working experience is very good. There are scenes with Radhika and Sumit. I worked with a great team.'' But this film was shot almost two years ago. In Roshni's words, "Ati Uttam and Mrs. Undercover were shot together. But finally the Hindi film is getting released still waiting for the release of Ati Uttam.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Actress Ankita Chakraborty And Her Unknown Facts

 She has spent about 17 years in the industry. Ankita Chakraborty is the popular face of the TV serial.

About Happiness

I am always happy. I am happy even though I have work to do. Similarly, if there is no work again, I have no regrets. I am still happy. Because I have more things to do in my life outside of work.

Beginning of acting as Profession

I started theater in class 12th. I used to do a show called 'Aguner Barnamala'. is very popular. A lot of job opportunities started coming. But at that time mother did not allow. But after high school I started working, be it hustling or whatever. But honestly, for the first 10 years I did not prioritize my career.

When She Took Her Profession Seriously

That thought comes after 'Ishti Kutum'. I worked with Leenadi (Leena Gangopadhyay) and Shaibaldar (Shaibal Banerjee) for eight consecutive years. I learned a lot during that time. After that came the opportunity in 'Ishti Kutum'. The serial ran for four consecutive years. My character also got huge popularity. After finishing the serial I wanted to work outside. That was the first time I started thinking about myself, my career. I thought I should go out. Something else needs to be done. I understand that training is needed. I started learning acting from Benidi (Damini Beni Bose). My journey started from 2016-17. It can be said that life is a hectic journey.

Bad Phase of Her Life

One by one everything breaks. After that I went to Mumbai. I thought I would work in both cities. The journey of self-discovery begins. On the journey I lost my relationship of nine years. I fell into a deep depression after the breakup. I tried to kill myself 5-6 times. After that therapy begins. Many people called me crazy then. The weight was reduced. My weight was 42 kg! I was not myself. Suddenly there is a lockdown.

Lockdown And Her Experience

In my case, lockdown was equivalent to 'curse groom'. Because I was fighting until then. Home on one side, career on the other, love and separation on the other. I was just running. That time can be called the turning point of my life.

About Her Past Relationship

can't be forgotten No way is that possible. I haven't tried to forget it and I don't. That moment broke me inside. But there was a good side to that relationship. I have no grudge against anyone. There is love for all. But decided, I will not break myself for love.

About Prantik - Her Husband

Marginal is a belief in my life. I have always been marginal in this journey. Was still marginal when in relationship. After that, going to Mumbai, returning from there or during separation - she has always been by my side. Again, the day I started a new life is also marginal. I got him this way, and I want to get him this way. I don't want to get carried away with the title of 'husband'.

Any Regret About Past

No, not even once. In a career of 17 years, I may not have done a film with a big banner. But when someone takes my name, address it with enough respect. Actually I work on my own terms. That's what I wanted. I don't want to show anyone a fake life. When I didn't have money, I did serials. I will do two good things with the money. In my opinion, this is a much better approach than receiving luxury cars and flats as gifts from others. After all these years I still live in a rented house. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Every thing in the rental house is bought with hard work money. Now many people can't say who bought the AC and who bought the fridge! I am very proud of my career and life.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Bonny Sengupta - Tollywood Actor Biography

 Bonny Sengupta's actual name is Anupriyo Sengupta. He is an Indian Bengali film actor. His first two films, Borbaad and Parbona Ami Chartey Tokey, were directed by Raj Chakraborty. 

Personal Profile of Bonny Sengupta

Date of birth of Bonny Sengupta: 10 August 1990

Parents of Bonny Sengupta: His father is Anup Sengupta and his mother Piya Sengupta. He is the grandson of actor-director Sukhen Das. Anup Sengupta is also a film director.

Bonny had earlier assisted director Raj Chakraborty on Yoddha: The Warrior before his career as an actor.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Sushmita Sen has suffered a heart attack

 Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen has suffered a heart attack. Although she was infected two days ago, the news came to light only on Thursday. It is known that she has undergone angioplasty. A stent is placed in the heart. Sushmita assured everyone that now she is healthy.

The former Miss Universe wrote on social media, "Two days ago I had a heart attack. Angioplasty done. The stent is in place. But most importantly, my cardiologist has confirmed that my heart is big.' The actress also said, 'The purpose of this post is to give you the good news. All is well. I am ready for life again.' She thanked all those who were by her side during this difficult time.

Sushmita has always been fitness conscious. She has shared various pictures and videos of her work out on social media. Naturally, her fans are worried about the news of her fit man suffering from a heart attack. Many wished him a speedy recovery.

At the moment, Sushmita has the web series 'Arogya 3' in her hand. She will also be seen in 'Tali', a film based on the life of revolutionary social activist Gauri. For the time being, the entertainment world wishes that he recovers from her physical illness and returns to work soon.

Nusrat Faria announced separation with her boyfriend

 Nusrat Faria announced her breakup with her longtime boyfriend Rony Riyad Rashid. Popular Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Faria announced her separation. She has a long relationship with Rony Riad Rashid. Posting on Instagram on Thursday, she said that she will not marry Roni. Nusrat writes, "Three years ago on this day, I announced our relationship, the exchange of rings. Ending 9 years of relationship after many hurdles. We are lucky to have a wonderful friendship. Which will live in us for the rest of our lives. Appeal to my fans and well-wishers to stand by me in this difficult time." Nusrat got engaged in March 2020. Sharing the ring exchange photo with everyone, she wrote, “We had a love relationship for 7 years.

Nusrat's former Rony Riyad Rasheed is a top executive of a telecommunications company. He is former army chief Lt. J. Son of Harun-or-Rashid. But why was the heroine forced to take this decision? However, it is not yet clear. By the way, the heroine is working in Bengali. Nusrat's pairing with Ankush is very much loved by the audience. A few days ago, the actress flew to Bangkok for the shooting of 'Bivah Abhiyan 2'.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Actress Bela Bose And Her Bollywood And Life Journey

 Bela Bose, a Bengali girl, conquered Bollywood with her skills in the sixties. her performance was praised by people. Bela Bose's name was also pronounced with stars like Helen, Aruna Irani in the dance. Many of the younger generation may not know Bela Bose. However, her Bengali girl conquered Bollywood with her skills in the sixties. her performance was praised by the people. But Bela Bose excelled in dancing. Once popular Bollywood actress and dancer Bela Bose passed away quietly. she was 82 years old at the time of her death. the veteran artist breathed her last on 20 February 2023, Monday night. From classical music to Bollywood songs, Bela Bose was equally adept at all dances. As a dancer she was once so popular that many compared her to Helen. Bela Bose's name was also pronounced with a star like Helen, Aruna Irani.

Born on April 18, 1941 in Calcutta. her father Amulayratan Basu was a cloth merchant. Faced with financial crisis, she moved to Mumbai with her family in 1951. But in the new city, the rhythm falls without settling the family. Bela Bose's father died in a road accident in 1953.

After  Amulayratan's death, Bela Bose's mother Lilavati Devi took charge of the family. she joined the hospital as a nurse. Bela Bose took dance training from childhood. After completing her schooling, she stood by her mother. the burden of the family of four siblings also falls on her shoulders. Bela Bose used to get small opportunities as a group dancer in Hindi films. Take that as a profession. there was no other path open to teenage Bela Bose. Bela Bose's quality was that she could master any dance in a heart beat. It was because of the dance that the opportunity to work in Bollywood came to Bela Bose. she was in the dance team in several films. But Bela Bose was tall and thin for her age. the sneaky look was out of step with the rest of the dance team. As a result, she was often left out of the dance. Bela Bose's first break as a solo dancer in Bollywood was in 'Maine Nasshe Mein Hoon'. Bela Bose's dance moves caught the eye in the Raj Kapoor and Mala Sinha starrer. After that in 1962 Bela Bose debuted as the first actress in Bollywood at the age of 21. In 1962, dancer Bela Bose was chosen as the heroine opposite Guru Dutt in the film 'Sawtela Bhai'. In the same year she acted in the film 'Hawamahal' in the role of Helen's sister. Bela Bose has worked hard in the world of acting as well as dancing. the director never disappointed the producers.

In 1966, Bela Bose played the central role in the film 'Naagin Aur Sopera'. Manohar Desai was the opposite hero. Other notable films in Bela Bose's career include 'Bandini', 'Professor', 'Amrapali', 'Shikar', 'Prempatra', 'Jiddi', 'Chitralekha', 'Poonam Ke Raat', 'Boxer', 'Actress' and 'Jai'. Satisfied mother.


Bela Bose tied the knot with actor and director Asish Kumar in 1967. After marriage, she reduced her work in the industry. the mother of two, Bela Bose bid adieu to Bollywood completely.

Bela Bose's acting and dancing skills are well known. But she had many other qualities. they have remained behind the light of publicity.

Bela Bose loved to draw. when she got free time, she used to sit down with notebooks, paints and pencils. It is not an exaggeration to say that the actress was also a skilled painter. Bela Bose even wrote poetry. she wrote several original poems.

Another quality of Bela Bose remains unknown. she was a skilled swimmer. Bela Bose has won accolades by swimming at the national level. But her mind was on building a career in Bollywood. So swimming talent goes undercover.

Son and Daughter of Bela Bose

Bela Bose's daughter Manjushree is an established doctor. Son Abhijit is a senior employee of a financial firm. her husband passed away in 2013. the veteran actress spent a lot of time with her family and grandchildren in her last life. Even after moving away from the world of lights, cameras and action, her passion did not fade.

After quitting acting, Bela Bose has deliberately stayed away from the limelight. the daughter who once made it big in Bollywood has gone deep into oblivion. On Monday, 'Bela Bose' of Bollywood went away quietly from the glitter of B-Town.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Palak Tiwari is going to make her Bollywood debut in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

Palak Tiwari is going to make her Bollywood debut in Salman Khan's 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan'. Although she has already become popular as 'Beazley Girl'. In 2021, Palak touched the hearts of her audience by working with Hardy Sandhu for her first time in a song video. her list of fans has grown long before she hit her screen. However, Palak admits, her road to getting noticed is not an easy one.

Only 22 years old. Being her daughter of Shweta Tiwari, her pressure of expectations is not less on Palak. So she started working that way. Many thought that Palak would follow her mother's footsteps and start her career in television. But Palak's dream was Bollywood. she thought big. Having completed all her plans, she said, "My mind was on Bollywood. I wanted to make myself in every way. Although her whole family is on television, I felt a different pull."

Are you putting yourself under extra pressure? she said, “People all over her world work under pressure. Adversity will come but I will only prepare myself so as not to break down. May I have her ability to turn around again. On her other hand, here is no shortage of joy. here are many receipts. I want to focus on her positives for now."

Along with her, Palak promises to all her fans, “I will become worthy of your trust. I will be proud. I won't disappoint, I promise."

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Actress Rupanjana Mitra Biography and Personal Profile

 Rupanjana Mitra is a Bengali film and television actress. who has been working in Bengali film and television since 2000.  Rupanjana Mitra is in Bharatiya Janta Party since 2019.

Personal Profile of Rupanjana Mitra

Spouse: Rezaul Hauqe (married on 2007,Divorced on 2018). They have a son Rian who stays with Rupanjana. Rupanjana Mitra is single at present.

Filmography of Rupanjana Mitra

Ikir Mikir (2022)

Panther (2019)

Katakuti (2011)

Teen Tanaya (2011)

Magno Mainak (2009)

Premer Phande Kakatua (2009)

Jingle Bell (2018)(unreleased)

Dadar Adesh (2005)


Khela (character Manjari)(Zee Bangla)

Ek Akasher Niche (character Mohini) (Zee Bangla)

Tumi Asbe Bole


Sindoorkhela (Star Jalsha, character Debi) (later Replaced by Chandrayee Ghosh)

Aanchol (Star Jalsha, character Gita)

Soti (Zee Bangla, character Mohini)

Janmabhumi (character Tamalika)

Tithi Athiti (character Niki Bose)

Behula (character Shanoka)

Durga (character Neela)

Premer Kahini (character Bijaylakshmi)

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki as Sandhya

'How much is your fee?' is a bad proposal to Rupanjana Mitra on WhatsApp

 Tollywood actress and BJP leader Rupanjana Mitra received a bad proposal on WhatsApp. Rupanjana expressed her anger by highlighting the details of the incident on Facebook. Asked the netizens what exactly should be done with such a person. Rupanjana shared a screenshot of the entire WhatsApp chat on Facebook and wrote, "Years of ignoring have made no difference to people with such sick minds." Those who only consider women as commodities. Society also fulfills such needs.

Rupanjana wrote on social media, the mail comes to the mail address given on Instagram. In response to work-related questions, she gave her phone number to be contacted directly. After that the person messaged her on WhatsApp. And there she was directly asked how much her 'fee' is. Even the person directly says his client wants to meet and spend time. Rupanjana continued to ask more and more questions, why this meeting? What work even if the answer did not come directly, they kept talking about meeting again and again. The person added that his client was not from the entertainment industry, but a businessman. Bengali businessman.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Solanki Roy Biography and Personal Profile

Solanki Roy
Solanki Roy is a popular  Bengali TV serial actress.  Popularity of Solanki Roy has increased with the Star Jalsha mega TV serial Icche Nodi.

Brief Personal Profile of Solanki Roy

Date of birth of Solanki Roy: 19 September 1994

Solanki's father was inspired by the character of Princess of Solanki in story 'Rajkahini' written by Abanindranath Tagore and kept the name Solanki. 

Education of Solanki Roy: Schooling from Bidhannagar Municipal school and she has done her graduation in Pol Science from Bidhannagar College. Solanki has done her post graduation in International Relations from Jadavpur University.

Marriage of Solanki Roy: Got married with Sakya Bose on 04 February 2018.

Filmography of Solanki Roy

Shohorer Ushnotomo Dine (2023)
Baba Baby O (2022)

Television Works

2014 Kotha Dilam
2015 – 2017 Ichche Nodee
2017 Saat Bhai Champa
(later replaced by Sonali Chowdhury)
2018 Jamai Raja
2018 Phagun Bou
2020 – 2021 Prothoma Kadambini
2021 – Present Gantchhora