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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bengali film E Ki Labonye – story cast and crew of the movie

Director Animesh Roy will start his next film E Ki Labonye very soon. The film E Ki Labonye is based on a family drama.

Story of the film E Ki Labonye

The film E Ki Labonye is based on a 12 years married couple. Labonyo is the female character in the film E Ki Labonye and the role is portrayed by Locket Chatterjee. Labonyo is a dancer and her husband is Kelvin Gomes. Debshankar is in the role of Kelvin in film E Ki Labonye. Kelvin Gomes was a famous violin player and too much alchohol has ruined his career and life. Kelvin drinks all the day. Labonyo and Kelvin has practically no relation, the only link between them is that they reside in the same house. Labonyo is busy with her career and dance while Kelvin is dependent on his wife.

Rusha is friend of Labonyo. One day, Rusha takes Labonyo to a music concert where she meets Amit. Amit is the first love of Labonyo. After a long 15 years, Labonyo meets Amit. Amit proposed Labonyo to divorce Kelvin so that they can start a married life.

The film E Ki Labonye explores the inner conflict of a woman for her love and responsibility. Labonyo loves Amit but she has some responsibilities for her husband Kelvin.

Cast and crew of the Bengali movie E Ki Labonye

Locket Chatterjee

Actors and actresses
Locket Chatterjee
Dibyendu Mukherjee
Debshankar Haldar

of E Ki Labonye: Animesh Roy
of E Ki Labonye: Sudip Chatterjee
of E Ki Labonye: Sudip Chatterjee
Music Director of E Ki Labonye: Dibyendu Mukherjee

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