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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Srabanti Chatterjee tells about her divorce

Srabanti Chatterjee
Glamorous and sexy Bengali film actress Srabanti Chatterjee feels relaxed now. After 11 years married life with Rajib Biswas, glamorous Bengali film actress Srabanti Chatterjee has decided to get divorce. Rumour is that Srabanti Chatterjee has developed a relationship with rich man, Vikram Sharma although Srabanti denies it. Srabanti Chatterjee said that Vikram Sharma is her elder sister’s friend and she also known her. Rumour is that Srabanti Chatterjee goes to airport riding a Parce car which also denied by the actress. Srabanti Chatterjee has bought a big luxurious flat and a Rexton car and questions raised on these issues. Srabanti Chatterjee told that Rajib knows very well about her earning from film, stage shows etc. Srabanti also told that she has purchased her flat on loan. Srabanti further told that in her flat she resides with her son Jhinuk, her parents and elder sister. Jhinuk is now studying in an international weekly boarding school. Jhinuk spends Saturday and Sunday with her mother.

What Srabanti says about Rajib

Srabanti Chatterjee for the first time disclosed that Rajib used to assault her physically. Rajib and Srabanti were passing through a rough time – all the time they were fighting against each other and this unhealthy atmosphere of the home was has slowly affecting the mental stability of their son Jhinuk. Srabanti Chatterjee wanted to rescue her son from such situation. In 2003, Rajib for the first time assaulted Srabanti Chatterjee physically and that too when their married life was just one month old. Srabanti’s parents wanted her to close the relationship with Rajib. Srabanti loved Rajib madly at that time and refused to listen to her parents. Today the actress regrets that she should have listen then.

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Srabanti Chatterjee still has respect for Rajib’s parents. Srabanti used to visit Krishnanagar – village of Rajib every year. Srabanti said that Rajib’s parents also love her like their daughter. Srabanti Chatterjee helped Rajib to build his career as film director. Earlier Rajib used to work in TV serials. Srabanti told that recently Rajib used to keep their son Jhinuk away from Srabanti. Srabanti sacrificed five years of her filmy career after their marriage for the family but according to the actress Rajib never respected her.  According to Srabanti Chatterjee, Rajib recently went to North Bengal with two women and their son and this has compelled her to send lawyer’s letter to Rajib for divorce. Srabanti Chatterjee left Rajib’s Pallisree residence on 2 January 2014.

Will Srabanti Chatterjee marry again?

Srabanti Chatterjee is only 26 years old. Many girls of this age are yet to start their married life whereas Srabanti has son of 9 years old. When asked about her future plan of second marriage, Srabanti told that right now she is not thinking about it but at the same time did not totally stopped the issues. Srabanti now wants to uplift her son in a proper way, concentrate on her career and then she will think about her future. Srabanti Chatterjee is from a lower middle class family. Her father is a ordinary staff of CESC. Srabanti is not at all a highly qualified but her son is now studying in an international school.


  1. Srabanti is the most beautiful actress of bengali film in recent years. She is also a very good actress, not like some actresses who had their relations in film industry earlier and on strength of that they built their career but actually did not know how to act and in terms of beauty they are nothing to Srabanti. She is really a gem, an angel.May GOD bless her with peace, beauty and everything in life.