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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar – story and cast & crew of the movie

Are you looking for the story, cast and crew of new Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar ? In this article you will get complete information about the new Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar.

Another meaningful Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar will be released very soon. The movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar is based on excellent work of England poet Robert Browning, Last ride together.

Story of the Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar

Arjo Roy is a famous painter and he is in love with Nivedita. They are all set to get married but an accident changes everything in their lives. Arjo meets up with an accident and loses his leg. Nivedita’s family cancelled the marriage with Arjo and arranged Nivedita’s marriage with someone else.

Just before the marriage, Nivedita meets her former boy friend Arjo. Arjo invites Nivedita in a dinner. At the dinner the former lovers take a voyage through their memory lane and Nivedita comes to know about how the accident happened.

Cast  and crew of Ei Raat Tomar Amar

Priyanshu Chatterjee as Arjo Roy
Meghna Halder as Nivedita

Director of Ei Raat Tomar Amar: Soyma Supriyo
Script writer: Amit Dasgupta

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