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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dev-Koel starrer Paglu 2 – story and cast & crew of the Bengali movie

Dev-Koel starrer romantic love movie Paglu 2 is on the way of its release very soon. Movie critics are expecting yet another click from the super hit pair of Paglu. Koel Mallick will be again seen as a bubbly romantic girl in Paglu 2 after her serious acting in Hemlock Society.

Story of the movie Paglu 2

There is nothing new in the story of Paglu 2. Like many love movies, Bengali movie Paglu 2 is based on romance between a rich girl and a poor boy. Koel Mallick is Rimi in Paglu 2 who is an educated rich girl. Dev is a good for nothing village boy.

Cast & crew of Bengali movie Paglu 2

Koel Mallick

Director: Sujit Mondal
Producer: Sree Venkatesh Movies
 Presenter: Nishpal Singh
Music Director: Jeet Ganguly

Till now, two songs of Paglu 2 have been released and the title track ‘Love You Love You Oh My Paglu’ is going to be a hit. The duet song is sung by Mika and Shreya Ghoshal.

 Now it is to be observed whether title track of Paglu 2can beat Paglu title track - Paglu Thora Sa Karle Romance?

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