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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Payel Sarkar in Bollywood film Gawah, The Witness

Payel Sarkar
Bengali actress Payel Sarkar will be seen in another Bollywood Hindi film Gawah, The Witness. The film is Gawah, The Witness is a thriller movie and Payel will be playing Nawazuddin Siddiqui's wife in the film. Film Gawah, The Witness is directed by Bishnu Dutta and Emraan Hashmi is also in the film.

Shooting of the film Gawah, The Witness will start from October this year and the locations of shootings are Kolkata and Pune.

Film Gawah, The Witness is the second Bollywood film of Payel Sarkar, Guddu Ki Gun being the first one.

Story of the film Gawah, The Witness

Emraan is a CBI officer in the film Gawah, The Witness who quits his job after an accident and starts working as a private detective. Nawazuddin plays a business honcho and Payel Sarkar is his wife in the film. Payel is a psycho who thinks every girl is better looking than her. 

Nawazuddin struggles to handle her tantrums. Ashutosh Rana plays an important role in the film Gawah, The Witness - a doctor who tries to treat Payel but fails.

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