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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Aindrila Sharma Biography And Personal Profile

 Aindrila Sharma was born and brought up in Berhampore in Murshidabad district. Since her childhood, little Aindrila always knew she wanted to become an actor. Her parents supported her dreams wholeheartedly and her training in classical dance, recitation, and dance-drama began from the age of three.

Personal Profile of Aindrila Sharma

Date of Birth of Aindrila Sharma: 05 February 1998

Education of Aindrila Sharma: Schooling was completed at Kashiswari Girls School Berhampore and graduation from Victoria Institution, Kolkata.

Parents of Aindrila Sharma: Uttam Sharma and Shikha Sharma. Her elder sister is doctor.

Death of Aindrila Sharma: 20 November 2022

Aindrila Sharma made her debut in Television with TV serial 'Jhumur' in 2017. Afterwards she has appeared in many TV serials like Jiyon Kathi, Ami Didi No 1. 

Aindrila and her struggle with death

But on February 5, 2015, on Aindrila's 17th birthday, she came to know that she is suffering from cancer At that time, Aindrila was an eleventh grade student. The struggle to recover began in Delhi. But Aindrila won the battle of life. The youngest daughter of Shikha Sharma-Uttam Sharma came back to life after fighting for one and a half years in 2016.

Aindrila had a dream. Dream of becoming an actress. She also succeeded in that dream. In 2017, Aindrila got involved in that life on the small screen. Actress Aindrila's journey started with 'Jhumur' series. The audience loved her in no time.

In those days, life is added to life. Actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury came into Aindrila's life. Their friendship started from 'Jhumur' series. Like many friendships in the world, that relationship turned into love. The series ended. A new relationship began.

But Aindrila's life cannot be without struggle. In February 2021, unbearable pain started again from right arm to neck. She went to the doctor and found out that a 15 cm tumor had developed in the lung. The fight for survival begins again. The only difference is that Sabyasachi was always by hes side.

In 2022, Aindrila returned to the rhythm by winning the battle again. She loved to recite and dance. After beating cancer for the second time, it was difficult to dance. But she returned to serial acting. 'Jiyon Kathi' is one of Aindrila's most popular works. She also acted in a web series called 'Bhagad'.

After the success of 'Bhagaad', another web series was to be worked on. There was talk of going to Goa to shoot with the unit. But before that, Aindrila suddenly fell ill again on 1 November 2022, and for the last time. The actress suddenly suffered a brain hemorrhage (stroke) on the night of November 1. The doctors said that there was a blood clot in the head. However, due to their young age, they were optimistic about recovery. But the situation was not improving. First one side of the body was numb. Later the actress went into a coma. Although he was taken off ventilation in the middle, he had to be put back on ventilation later.

The end came on 20 November at 12.59 PM

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Condition Of Actress Aindrila Sharma Is Very Very Critical

 Latest Update: 20 November 2022

Actress Aindrila's condition is very critical. It is reported that she suffered cardiac arrest at least 10 times during the night. Doctors are worried about the physical condition of the actress.

She was given CPR. The actress is still on ventilation support. But despite all kinds of support, her physical condition is rapidly deteriorating. Doctors are with her all the time, the hospital said.

Aindrila Sharma's condition is not stable. Blood pressure is fluctuating. According to hospital sources, the level of ventilation has been increased. A scan report on Tuesday showed that Aindrila had a blood clot on the opposite side of her head after the brain stroke surgery. Which raises new thoughts. The doctors said that new antibiotics have already been introduced for the actress instead of the previous medicine. His body is being monitored extra carefully to see if he responds.

According to hospital sources, the new blood clot is so small that it cannot be operated on. Trying to reduce it with medication. Worrying though is infection. There is no sign of it slowing down yet. So the fever is not decreasing. Doctors think that the situation is more critical than before.

Last week there was hope for Aindrila's speedy recovery, whereas this week the picture is quite different. People close to the actress are worried about this. The teammates were also worried after seeing Aindrila's friend Sabyasachi Chowdhury's post on Monday. He asked everyone to pray. If so, what hope is coming down? 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Swastika Dutta And Shubhankar Saha In Bengali TV Serial

 Swastika Dutta is returning to the Bengali TV serials once again. Swastika is in lead role of Mumbai's 'Shashi Sumit' production company's new mega serial. But the question was, who is the protagonist of Swastika in this serial? According to sources, the hero has already been found. It is heard that actor Shubhankar Saha is going to pair up with Swastika.

Shubhankar is a known face of Bengali small screen. Viewers saw him a few days ago in the serial 'Varaan'. Before that, Shubhankar was seen in a pair with Shweta Bhattacharya in 2016. Viewers saw him as Kohinu in the serial 'Jarwar Jhumko'. This time the new pair of television is Subhankar-Swastika. Before this, the audience saw Swastika in Zee Bangla serial.

In 2019, a new couple - Swastika Dutta and Krushul Ahuja - gained audience through the serial 'Key Kare Balb Tome'. After that, one person gave his mind to Hindi serial. And the audience has seen the heroine in various web serial. It's time to come in front of the audience again. Sources say that preparations are almost over.And in a few days it's time to go to the floor. Two new serials 'Neem Phule Madhu' and 'Sohag Jal' are coming in place of 'Pilu' and 'Lalkuthi'. This time, when this new serial of Swastika and Shubhankar comes, that is to be seen.

Pori Moni And Bidya Sinha Saha Mim In Hot Debate

 Pori Moni and Bidya Sinha Saha Mim in Debate. Allegation of alienation against Mim. Mim opened her mouth against the allegations.

Pori Moni And Mim

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is totally upset by this news on her birthday. Not only that, but also posted a video. The actress shared a sweet birthday video with husband Soni Poddar. Where it is clear, exactly how happy the heroine is.She is cutting one cake after another with her husband.

Mim writes, “My first birthday with the people I love. Having you by my side has made my life so much easier. Thanks for the birthday surprise.” Is this the answer to Parimani's complaint? Question on everyone's mind.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Meenakshi Seshadri In Indian Idol Stage

 Movie lovers have not forgotten Meenakshi Seshadri. Meenakshi suddenly left the acting world when she was in the middle of her career. Now after 27 years, the famous actress 'Damini' made a comeback. Recently, this number one actress was seen on the stage of 'Indian Idol'. Meenakshi came as a guest. This actress once worked hard in the world of Hindi cinema.

However, after the marriage, the heroine left everything and moved to the United States. Going there, she got a new identity beyond the identity of the actress. She was seen on Saturday's episode (05 November 2022) of Indian Idol. It was there that she felt that she had become a good cook after going abroad. In 1995, she married investment banker Harish Mysore and moved to the United States. After going there, the heroine felt that she has become someone's wife, someone's mother. In Meenakshi's words, "I became a good cook after that. I think I can cook South Indian vegetarian items well. Meenakshi also cooked a few dishes for the judges of the show. On this day, the contestants honored the actress by singing iconic songs from her famous movies.

Her famous films are 'Damini', 'Ganga-Yamuna', 'Hero', 'Swati', 'Dilwala', 'Shehanshah', 'Ghar Ho To Aisa'. Meenakshi was not seen in any other film after the film 'Ghatak' in 1996. Meenakshi appeared in front of the camera again after so many years. Her age has reached 58, but fans still can't stop praising her beauty.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Bangladeshi Actor Chanchal Chowdhury Biography And Personal Profile

 Suchinta Chowdhury Chanchal, popularly known as Chanchal Chowdhury started his career in 1996 in the theaters of Bangladesh. He joined famous theaters such as Aranyak Natyadal and performed in stage plays like Prakritojoner Kotha, Joyjoyonti, Ora Kodom Ali, Mayur Singhason, Songkranti, Rarang and Che-er Cycle. 

Afterwards he appeared in TV series and films. His notable performances can be seen in films like Rupkothar Golpo (2006), Monpura (2009), Television (2012), Aynabaji (2016), Debi (2018) and Hawa (2022). He has received two Bangladesh National Film Awards for Best Actor and three Meril Prothom Alo Awards for Best Actor.

Personal Profile of Chanchal Chowdhury

Date of Birth of Chanchal Chowdhury: 1 June 1974 in a Hindu family in the village of Kamarhaat in Pabna, Bangladesh.

Parents of Chanchal Chowdhury: His father's name is Radha Gobinda Chowdhury and mother's name is Nomita Chowdhury.

Education of Chanchal Chowdhury: He passed his SSC examination from Udaypur High School in 1990 and HSC examination from Rajbari Govt. College, Rajbari in 1992. He came to Dhaka in 1993 to apply for admission in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Dhaka. Chanchal Chowdhury graduated from University of Dhaka.

Spouse of Chanchal Chowdhury: Santwana Saha, they got married in 2006

Children of Chanchal Chowdhury: One

Filmography of Chanchal Chowdhury

2006 Rupkothar Golpo

2009 Monpura

2010 Moner Manush Indo-Bangladeshi Bengali Film

2012 Television

2016 Aynabaji

2018 Debi

2021 Munshigiri

2022 Paap Punno, Hawa, Dui Diner Duniya, Mujib: The Making of a Nation Not yet releasedSheikh Lutfar Rahman

Ranadeep Sarker Aka Pashmina Sarker And Her Latest News

 Remember Ranadeep Sarker? The young Kolkata filmmaker who directed critically acclaimed films like ‘Not A Dirty Film’, ‘Nupur’, and ‘Blue Lies’ among others took the bravest decision of his life. He recently underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a post-operative trans-woman. It was not at all an easy decision to take. Yet, Ranadeep decided to swim against the tide and managed to stick to his decision of surgery to become a complete woman. “I have faced a lot of discrimination in the past few years. People talked a lot about me and my nature. They used to humiliate me using slangs. But I knew from the beginning that I need to do this surgery. I always felt like trapped in a man’s body. The reality of trans people’s lives is that so often we are targets of violence. We experience discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community. I think it is time pose a delicate question - Is it time for a nuanced discussion about sex and pleasure for trans women? Has the cultural conversation around trans culture progressed enough?” asks an emotional Ranadeep who is now officially Pashmina Sarker.

Pashmina aka Ranadeep now wants to be the face of the LGBTQA community and is looking to bust the myths surrounding trans women. In terms of work, she is getting offers to act in films or web series focused on queer content but Pashmina wants to continue the directorial career as well.

“Whenever I speak with producers and financers they often talk about acting offers saying that I have a great sensual appeal and will do great works as an actor. But nobody understands that I am a director as well. I want to continue my filmmaking career also. I have made pan-India films like ‘Adelante’, ‘Dayra’, ‘Blue Lies’ with actors like Yashpal Sharma, Subrat Dutt, Mumtaz Sorcar and Saptrishi others. I know what I am capable of but people need to understand that also,” said Pashmina.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Actress Sonali Chakraborty Biography And Personal Profile


Personal Profile of Sonali Chakraborty

Date of Birth of Sonali Chakraborty: 20 November 1963

Birthplace of Sonali Chakraborty: Kolkata

Date of Death of Sonali Chakraborty: 31 October 2022

Education of Sonali Chakraborty: Gokhale Memorial College and Rabindra Bharati University (M.A. in dance)

Marriage Date of Sonali Chakraborty: 12 March 1990

Husband of Sonali Chakraborty: Shankar Chakraborty (Actor)

Child of Sonali Chakraborty: Sanga Chakraborty (Assistant film director in Bollywood)

Actress Aindrila Sharma Is Critical Again

 she has come back after battling incurable cancer twice. But condition of actress Aindrila Sharma is critical again. She is fighting with death again in the hospital.

Aindrila had a stroke on Tuesday night (01 November 2022). the actress is on ventilation in a private hospital in Howrah. According to hospital sources, she has gone into a coma. Actress Aindrila's condition is very alarming. It is reported that she has a blood clot in his brain. Her lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury is with her in the hospital.Aindrila was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night. According to hospital sources, her physical condition has slightly improved on Wednesday. However, the doctors said that nothing can be said if 48 hours are not passed.

Aindrila's doctors said that one side of the actress's body is completely numb. The left hand can move a little. Other than that, only the eyes are moving. The doctors also said that Aindrila's risk in this case is less due to her young age. But until the actress regains consciousness, they cannot say anything for sure. According to sources, Aindrila was scheduled to go to Goa in the next few days to work on a web series. However, due to this sudden illness, all work has been suspended for the time being. Aindrila was also supposed to go to Delhi in a few days for treatment. the actress took leave from shooting like that. But suddenly she had a stroke.

At the age of 24, Aindrila was attacked twice by cancer. she came back from the face of death both times. God has infused her with the vitality to fight illness, say the actress' acquaintances. Aindrila was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. She was studying in class XI then .She fought with the deadly disease for one and a half years. Aindrila came back smiling. After recovering from cancer, Aindrila won a lot of praise in the acting world. The serial 'Jionakathi' brought her immense popularity. This young actress is loved by all in Tollygaunge. But Aindrila was again diagonised with cancer. Her fans were shocked to hear the news that she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Aindrila's boyfriend and actor Sabyasachi was by her side almost from the beginning of sher illness.

Aindrila's fans have always relied on sher 'Jionakathi'. she rose again and again from the face of severe illness like a phoenix bird. This time too, while lying in the hospital, the dear actress will perform a similar miracle, the hopeful Tollygainge studio beleive.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Actress Susmita Chatterjee Biography And Personal Profile

 Susmita Chatterjee is an Indian model and actor, born at Kulti, AsansolSusmita Chatterjee started her career in modelling from 2019. She appeared in multiple brand campaigns in span of one year. Susmita Chatterjee made her debut in the silver screen in 2021 Bengali romantic drama film `Prem Tame`, directed by Anindya Chatterjee.

Personal Profile of Susmita Chatterjee

Education of Susmita Chatterjee: Enginering Graduate

Marital Status of Susmita Chatterjee: Unmarried till today (02 November 2022) and no boyfriend

Filmography of Susmita Chatterjee


Paka Dekha

Kacher Manush

Maradonar Juto

Khela Jokhon

2021: Prem Tame.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Kangana Ranaut As Bengali Theatre Star Noti Binodini In New Film

 Kangana Ranaut was previously seen as Jayalalithaa in her biopic, and is currently shooting a film that features her as the late Indira Gandhi. Kangana is now set to play Bengali theatre artist Noti Binodini in a new film, directed by Pradip Sarkar.

Binodini Dasi was born in a family of sex workers and she started playing theatre at the age of 12. She is known as one of the first stars of Bengali theatre. She was popularly known as Noti Binodini. Despite having a short career span of mere 11 years, she is credited to have created a great example for women in theatre and even introducing modern makeup techniques.

The script of the film is written by Prakash Kapadia. 

Kangana is also interested to work in the project, said in a press statement, "I am a very big fan of Pradeep Sarkaar ji and very happy for this opportunity. Also this will be my first collaboration with Prakash Kapadia ji and I am completely thrilled to be part of this remarkable journey with some of the greatest artist of this country."

Binodini played many roles including those of Pramila, Sita, Draupadi, Radha, Ayesha, Kaikeyi, Motibibi, and Kapalkundala, among others. She was also one of the first South Asian theatre actors to have written her autobiography.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Srabanti Under Gym Trainer's Strict Rule To Shed Fat

 No matter what the sweet Tollywood actress Srabanti Chatterjee does on social media, a section of netizens will troll her. But despite paying attention to these in the beginning, lately Srabanti is not paying attention at all. Rather, she is taking new challenges every day to shut the mouths of trollers. As such, Srabanti is sometimes ridiculed for her fat appearance. To stop them, Srabanti now concentrates on bodybuilding. The actress does not stop exercising even if she is tired. Under the strict regime of gym trainer Abhijeet, Srabanti's new life mantra is fitness, fitness and only fitness.

There is no end to the discussion about Srabanti Chatterjee's personal life. Ever since her breakup with third husband Roshan Singh, there have been rumors of Abhirup's romance with the actress. Both live in the same residence. Rotna, when the actress vacationed in Maldives a few days ago, Abhiroop was also there. A few days ago, Abhirup also wished her birthday by posting a picture of Srabanti.