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Monday, June 27, 2022

Sandipta Sen is in love

 Sandipta Sen is in love and this time not in screen, the actress has found people in real life. She has announced openly by posting pictures on social media.

At one time, Sandipta's love affair with actor Rahul Banerjee was news in Tollywood. But Sandipta and Rahul never said or admitted it publicly. This time the actress is in love with Soumya Mukherjee.

Soumya is the Chief Operating Officer of Hoichoi, a popular web platform in Bengal. Speaking to the media, Sandipta said that she met Soumya at a friend's music video release function. That was almost a year ago. First friendship, then love. Soumya and Sandipta have been in a relationship for the last few months.

Sudipta and Soumya

Alia Bhatt Announces Pregnancy

 Bollywood star Alia Bhatt announced that she is pregnant and she & Ranbir Kapoor will soon welcome their first child.

Alia took to Instagram to share the news as she posted a picture from an ultrasound session at a hospital with Ranbir Kapoor.

"Our baby.... coming soon," Alia has captioned the photo. The couple, who got married in an intimate ceremony in April this year, is also set to share screen space for the first time in "Brahmastra: Part One Shiva", scheduled to be released on September 9.

At a press conference for his upcoming film "Shamshera" last week, Ranbir said he couldn't have asked for a better life partner than Alia. "It is a very big year for me. It is a great year for me, I got married, it is a beautiful thing that has happened in my life... My life with Alia is the best," he said.

The couple's family, including veteran actors Neetu Kapoor and Soni Razdan as well as Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, showered them with love and blessings post the announcement.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tarun Majumdar Biography and Personal Profile

 Tarun Majumdar is an Bengali film director who is known for his work on family drama and that too based on village side. Most favourite outdoor shotting location of Tarun Majumdar was Birbhum. He received four National Awards, seven BFJA Awards, five Filmfare Awards and an Anandalok Award. In 1990, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award.

Tarun Majumdar received his first National Award for the 1962 Bengali film Kancher Swarga. Tarun Majumdar also garnered wide critical acclamation for his directorial ventures such as Palatak (1963), Nimantran (1971), Sansar Simante (1975) and Ganadevata (1978). Tarun Majumdar received a National Award, a BFJA Award and a Filmfare Award for Nimantran (1971). Ganadevata (1979) won him a National Award and a Filmfare Award.

Tarun Majumdar made blockbusters such as Balika Badhu (1967), Kuheli (1971), Shriman Prithviraj (1973), Fuleswari (1974), Dadar Kirti (1980), Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (1985) and Apan Amar Apan (1990).

Tarun Majumdar used to work on plots where characters were just like next door neighbor. Sandhya Roy, Bhanu Bandopadhyay, Soumitra Chatterjee, Ruma Guha Thakurata, Anup Kumar, Samit Bhanja, Mahua Roychowdhury, Tapas Pal suited best in his films. Songs in Tarun Majumdar's film are extra attraction. He used Rabindra Sangeet in his films in perfect situation.






Chaowa Pawa

Uttam KumarSuchitra SenTulsi Chakraborty


Smriti Tuku Thak

Suchitra SenAsit BaranChhabi Biswas


Kancher Swarga

Dilip MukherjeeAnil Chatterjee



Anup KumarSandhya RoyRuma Guha Thakurta


Alor Pipasa

Pahadi SanyalBasanta ChoudhurySandhya Roy

Ektuku Basa

Soumitra ChatterjeeSandhya RoyBhanu BandyopadhyayJahor Roy


Balika Badhu

Moushumi Chatterjee



Biswajit ChatterjeeSandhya Roy, Shashikala



Sandhya RoyAnup KumarKali Banerjee



Biswajit ChatterjeeDebashree RoySandhya RoySumita Sanyal


Shriman Prithviraj

Ayan BanerjeeMahua RoychoudhuryUtpal DuttSandhya Roy



Sandhya RoyAjitesh BandyopadhyayRabi GhoshChinmoy Roy



Sandhya RoySamit Bhanja


Jadi Jantem

Uttam KumarSoumitra ChatterjeeSupriya Devi


Sansar Simante

Soumitra ChatterjeeSandhya Roy


Balika Badhu (Hindi)

Sachin, Rajni Sharma, Kajri, AsraniA. K. Hangal



Soumitra ChatterjeeSandhya RoySumitra MukherjeeMadhabi Mukherjee


Dadar Kirti

Tapas PaulMahua RoychoudhurySandhya RoyAnup Kumar


Shahar Theke Dure

Sandhya RoySamit BhanjaBhanu Bandopadhyay



Utpal DuttBiswajit ChatterjeeSandhya RoyDebashree Roy


Khelar Putul

Soumitra ChatterjeeSandhya Roy


Amar Geeti

Soumitra ChatterjeeSandhya RoyBiswajit Chatterjee


Aranya Aamar


Bhalobasa Bhalobasa

Tapas PaulDebashree RoyUtpal Dutt



Prosenjit ChatterjeeTapas PaulAbhishek ChatterjeeSandhya Roy



Sandhya RoyDebashree RoyTapas Paul



Tapas PaulSatabdi RoySantu Mukhopadhyay


Apan Aamar Apan

Tapas PaulProsenjit ChatterjeeSatabdi Roy



Utpal DuttSoumitra ChatterjeeSandhya Roy


Sajani Go Sajani

Mahasweta RayUtpal Dutt


Katha Chhilo

Tapas PaulMahasweta Ray



Rituparna SenguptaAbhishek Chatterjee


Bhalobasar Onek Naam

Gourab Chatterjee, Megha Mukherjee, Soumitra ChatterjeeMoushumi ChatterjeeTapas Paul


Chander Bari

Soham ChakrabortyKoel MallickRanjit MallickRituparna Sengupta


Bhalobashar Bari

SilajitRituparna Sengupta



Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sonamoni Saha And Saptarshi Moulik In New TV Serial

 Sonamani Saha and Saptarshi Moulik are going to work together under director Leena Gangopadhyay and the director confirmed it.

Saptarshi is a very familiar face on the stage theatre. However, in the serial 'Srimoyi', the character of 'Dinka' makes Saptarshi a member of the viewer's house. On the other hand, the audience was amused by the chemistry of Sonamani and the Pratik in the serial 'Mohar'. After the end of the serial, now the heroine has turned her attention to the web series. She will be seen in the lead role in director Abhirup Ghosh's new series 'Bengal Insurance Company'.

Tanusree Chakraborty In Bollywood Pairing With Sunny Deol

 Another Bengali girl riding in a Bollywood car from Bengal. Raima Sen, Paoli Dam, Swastika Mukherjee are just another name on the list. Tanusree Chakraborty. Pairing with Sunny Deol.

Tanusree will be seen in the role of Sunny's wife in the first Hindi film. Sunny means 'action'! According to sources, this will not be the case with this film. However, not only the hero, the heroine Tanusree can also be seen acting on the screen. Photo shooting is taking place in Jodhpur, Udaipur.

The journey of Bengali actors to Bollywood is not new. Jissu is working hard in Kolkata, Mumbai and all over the South. Saswata Chatterjee and Parambrata Chatterjee are regularly seen in Hindi films. Swastika is now a familiar face in one series after another. On the other hand, Abir Chatterjee's first Hindi series is about to be released. Tanusree is a new addition to that list.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Tarun Majumdar Critical - Level of Consciousness Is Gradually Decreasing

 The physical condition of the legendary director Tarun Majumdar is very worrying. His level of consciousness is gradually decreasing. As a result, obsession is increasing. Septicemia has been diagnosed. Doctors are worried about all these reasons.

It is learned that the Tarun Majumdar has been suffering from kidney problems since 2000. The 92-year-old director is also suffering from lung problems. He also has diabetes. A team of experienced physicians is monitoring the veteran director. Among them are Chest Medicine Physician Somnath Kundu, Medicine Physician Soumitra Ghosh, Nephrologist Arpita Roychowdhury, Cardiologist Saroj Mandal, Neuro Medicine Physician Biman Roy.

The reticular activating system is the mechanism by which the brain becomes consciously angry. That is what the legendary director is getting less and less. That is why he is more obsessed. With the help of oxygen through the nasal cannula, the level of oxygen in the blood of the young majumdar reaches 95 percent. He is also being given 4-6 liters of oxygen per minute. The 92-year-old director is reported to be fed Riley's tube every two hours.

Debashis Mondal and Swastika Dutta in Web Series Johnny Bonnie

 Debashis Mondal and Swastika Dutta will be seen in new web series Johnny Bonnie. Child artist Ankit Majumder is also with them. Abhijit Chowdhury is the director of this detective thriller series which is made in the style of comedy. The first look of this series has been released recently.

Debashis Mondal will be seen in the role of a young police officer in this series. Debashis Mondal's character in the web series is Janardhan Das alias Johnny. Swastika Dutta will be seen as Debashis' wife in the series. On the other hand, the story of this series is made up of Bonny, the son of the wife's sister, i.e. the actor Ankit Majumdar.

Although Johnny is a police officer, he has no challenging job as a police officer. On the contrary, he works as a guard at the house of local leader Promod Sen. Johnny's fortunes suddenly change when three miscreants attack Promod Sen's house and Johnny shoots himself to save Promod Sen with infinite courage. But Rimi, daughter of Promod Sen, has not been found since the incident. Johnny is in charge of the investigation. Johnny begins to investigate and gradually realizes that some very powerful people are involved in the whole incident and the local police do not really want the investigation to be resolved. On the other hand, Johnny's wife's son Bonnie's chess tournament started. Bonnie came to Kolkata from Durgapur to play chess.

Will Johnny be able to solve the first investigation of his career? Will Bonnie be able to prove himself by winning the chess tournament? Or the two of them need to help each other to achieve their goals. The story of 'Johnny Bonnie' is about a mystery, a chess game, a police officer who wants to touch a dream and a teenager.

Apart from Debashis, Swastika, Ankit, the series also features Kamleshwar Mukherjee, Loknath Dey, Anirban Bhattacharya, Yudhajit Sarkar, Shubhasmita Mukherjee, Puspita Mukherjee, Jayati Chakraborty, Abhuday Dey and Tusita Bandyopadhyay. Abhijit Chowdhury has written the story and screenplay of this series along with the director. The series is produced by Milk Way Films.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Famous Film Director Tarun Majumdar Hospitalised

Tarun Majumdar is sick. Legendary director admitted to hospital with multiple physical problems. He is in the ICU of SSKM Hospital. COVID-19 has already been tested. Doctors are waiting for his report.

Tarun Majumdar Critical: CLICK

It is learned that the Tarun Majumdar has been suffering from kidney problems since 2000. The 92-year-old director is also suffering from lung problems. He also has diabetes. A team of five doctors led by Chest Medicine doctor Somnath Kundu and Medicine doctor Soumitra Ghosh are keeping a close watch on the director. News that he is being made to urinate with a catheter. The coronavirus of the veteran director has been tested for respiratory problems. 

Tarun Majumdar was born in British India. His father Birendranath Majumdar was a freedom fighter. Although a student of chemistry, Tarun Majumder had a penchant for making movies. Together with Sachin Mukherjee and Dilip Mukherjee, he formed a team called 'Jatrik' and started directing movies. The first movie of the three directors is 'Chawa Pawa'. Starring Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen. ‘Glass Paradise’ was created under the direction of ‘Jatrik’. The film won a national award.

Tarun Majumdar came out of 'Jatrik' in 1975. That year he made two movies, Alor Pipasa and Ektuku Valbasa. Since then, the director has given one movie after another. That list includes 'Balika Badhu', 'Kuheli', 'Sriman Prithviraj', 'Fuleshwari', 'Dadar Kirti', 'Apan Amar Apan', 'Ganadevata', 'Chander Bari', 'Valbasa Valbasa', 'Alo'. Like movies.Tarun Majumder has received national award more than once in his long career. He has also been awarded the Padma Shri. Legendary director will return home very soon, this prayer fans.

Tarun Majumdar has gifted many renowned actors and actresses to the film industry like Moushumi Chatterjee, Mahua Roychowdhury, Debashree Roy, Tapas Pal, Ayan Banerjee and many more.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Sandip Ray’s Much-Anticipated Feluda Film Hatyapuri And New Feluda

 Sandip Ray has started his new Feluda film Hatyapuri. The detective thriller introduces Indraneil Sengupta as the Bengali sleuth, while Ayush Das and Abhijit Guha will be seen as  Topse and Jatayu, respectively.

Sandip Ray’s last Feluda film ‘Double Feluda’ was made in 2016 with Sabyasachi Chakraborty playing the detective for the last time. 

“Hatyapuri revolves around a murder mystery in Puri, a place my father always loved to visit. This film has some interesting twists, while the supporting characters also play key roles in the narrative," shared Sandip Ray.

‘Hatyapuri’ will also see Paran Bandopadhyay, Subhasish Mukherjee, Saheb Chatterjee and Bharat Kaul in important roles. Paran Bandopadhyay has appeared in all of Sandip Ray’s Feluda directorials since ‘Bombaiyer Bombete’ (2003) and the director wanted to rope in all those actors who have acted in his previous Feluda films.

Abhijit Guha playing Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu is another important decision. Satyajit Ray himself didn’t make any Feluda films when he couldn’t find a suitable actor for Jatayu after Santosh Dutta's death. Incidentally, Bibhu Bhattacharya, who played the iconic character in Sandip Ray's films, also passed away in 2011.

“Feluda films without Jatayu became the main focus and we were used to it but then my wife (Lalita Ray) urged me to have a look at Abhijit for the role. We all have watched his acting for years, and her suggestion somehow gave me the confidence to choose him as Jatayu,” Sandip Ray said.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Swastika Dutta And Her Recent Assignments

 A bunch of new assignments in her bag. But will Swastika Dutta not return to the small screen? Immediate response, returning to the series in a few days.

One year has passed since the series 'Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay'. How much has changed in Swastika's acting career? Swastika Dutta has worked with Krushal Ahuja in Hindi serial, big screen. She has just set foot on the big screen.

Viewers have already seen the Swastika Dutta in the web series 'Uttaran'. In addition, she has lot of works presently in her hands. Swastika will be seen in an important role in the web series 'Ananda Ashram' starring the late Soumitra Chatterjee. That series will also air very soon. On the other hand, Aritra Mukherjee's film 'Fatafati' has just finished. Swastika is also the face of Click's upcoming web series 'Johnny and Bonnie'. Co-star Debashish Mandal, popularly known as 'Mandar'.

So many series, the actress will not be seen in the movie? Swastika's answer "Oma! Why is that? I'll be back to the series very soon. Hopefully, viewers will see me again in the series after Pujo. No matter how much I do series, movies, I can't stay away from serials. I'll be back soon. "

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Bengali film Chatak on a sperm donor’s life

 Sperm donation is still a taboo in our society and only a few Indian films have addressed this serious issue. Director Atiul Islam is set to make a movie with the subject of sperm donation and how it affects the life of couples. 

The film stars Biswanath Basu, Samadarshi Dutta, Sayantani Guhathakurta, Montu Mallick, Anuradha Ray, Ravishankar Ravi, Anindita Som and others in pivotal roles. Camera has already started rolling for the film.

The film, 'Chatak', rvolves arround a sperm donor's life. An ambitious woman marries a corporate officer, and is economically very happy and satisfied. But, soon she strongly desires to have a child in her life. But the couple’s life turns upside down when they find out that the husband can’t have a baby because of less sperm count. The woman somehow manages to make her husband half inclined and takes the help of sperm donation, and gets her own baby.

Sayantani Guhathakurta plays the ambitious woman Biswanath Basu will be seen as her husband. Gradually, the new born child will grow up, and a private tutor will come to teach him in their house. Samadarshi Dutta is playing the role of this tutor, and coincidentally, it will be revealed that he is the sperm donor and biological father of the child. 

The lyricists are by Dipangshu Acharya, Sravan and Srinjoy Mitra. There will be four songs in this film by Anupam Roy, Monali Thakur, Ishan Mitra, Angshuman Saha, Ipsita Mukherjee, Jayanti Bhattacharyya.

Mithun Chakraborty and Mamata Shankar reunite for Bengali film Projapoti after 46 years

 Mithun Chakraborty and Mamata Shankar, the celebrated pair from Mrinal Sen’s Mriyaga (1976), are set to work together in Avijit Sen’s upcoming family drama ‘Projapoti’. The film is based on a tale of a father and his son. Dev is also in the film.

Mithun Chakraborty has already said that one of the main reasons he is doing this film is because of his affection for Dev. The veteran actor now only agrees to be part of the films whose stories touch his heart and he believes the story of ‘Prajapoti’ will attract cine lovers.

Sharing his thoughts on working with Mamata Shankar after so many years Mithun revealed that he doesn’t have any idea why any filmmaker didn’t think of casting them together in all these years. But he feels now the time has arrived and there’s always a right time for telling every story.

An excited Mamata Shankar, too, shared that she is feeling a bit nervous ahead of the shoot. Although she didn’t reveal any details about her character in the film the veteran actress said that she will have an important contribution to the father and son’s bonding. Mamata Shankar further added that she actually feels the adrenaline rush of a first-timer again.