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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sayali Bhagat accused Shiney Ahuja of sexual harassment

Shiney Ahuja is again in the news and this time also allegation on him is sexual harassment, to his co-star Sayali Bhagat. Sayali Bhagat and Shiney are working together in a horror film Ghost. Sayali Bhagat claimed that her co-actor Shiney has misbehaved on number of occasions with her during the shooting of the film.

The entire allegations as stated by Sayali Bhagat are as follows: "My life has been a living hell ever since a leading film magazine (Stardust) came out with the story that Shiney misbehaved with me on the sets of our upcoming filmGhost. I was under tremendous pressure to deny all the claims and allegations I made in my interview, so I gave into the pressure. Though the fact remains that Shiney did not pinch my butt, he did make plenty of passes at me during the shooting of our film. It all began by him throwing subtle hints that he was not getting ‘warm vibes’ from me on the sets, and that in order for the chemistry to show on screen, it was imperative that he and I warmed up to each other. During an intimate scene, he took me to the makeup room and made me hold his hands and look into his eyes and feel the "warmth". I chose to ignore. During a scene wherein I teach him how to chop vegetables, he asked me to feel up his arms at least ten times, so much so that even the light-man threw the lights and left the sets out of disgust. Then while our shots were getting ready, Shiney would often whisper into my ears that he can't resist me suggesting that we should hook up. All this continued even after the shooting of Ghost was over and done with as I would receive text messages and calls from Shiney at odd hours".

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