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Monday, January 9, 2012

Feelings of Juhi Parmar after Winning the Bigg Boss 5

Juhi Parmar is the second female contestant to win the Bigg Boss title. In Bigg Boss 5, another female contestant, Sweta Tiwari won the title and she was the first female contestant to wil Bigg Boss title.

Juhi is a TV actress and her sweet face and sober roles in TV serials are appreciated by viewers. In Bigg Boss 5 house, during her 90 days stay at the house, Juhi Parmar fans noticed that in real life also she is a sober and fantastic lady. In the controversial Bigg Boss house in all the previous and the current episodes, leg pulling, using vulgar language etc are very common. Juhi Parmar was an exception to the culture of Bigg Boss house. From the begging, Juhi Parmar was one of the top contenders for the Bigg Boss 5 crown and that came true.

Juhi Parmar herself is overwhelmed after winning the Bigg Boss 5 title. According to Juhi Parmar, she has learnt a lot in the Bigg Boss 5 house, how to adjust with people of different characteristics, how to forgive others. After winning the Bigg Boss 5 title, Juhi Parmar thinks that with planned strategies no one can win the game of life. One should hehave naturally, help others and share the feelings of others.

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