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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good News on Yuvraj Singh – Malignant Tumour Is Almost Out of His System

The left hand cricketer’s oncologist gave a  good news to Yuvraj and all his fans saying that the rare germ call cancer is more or less out from his system. Yuvraj is  having chemotherapy for the rare disease.

The happiness of Yuvraj can be measured from the fact that he tweeted the good news immediately after knowing it. Yuvraj is under Dr.Einhorn, who is one of the best oncologists in the world. He also cured Lance Armstrong, the cyclist who also suffered from a rare cancer from which recovery was almost impossible.

For inspiration, Yuvraj has been reading Armstrong’s autobiography. He has an intense desire to meet Armstrong, from whom he is inspired.

Seeing Yuvraj’s dedication, Armstrong mailed him, wishing his fast recovery. He also said that they were beside him in his difficult journey. After getting this mail, Yuvray tweeted saying that he felt better after receiving his mail. He also said that he hoped that they can meet.

Recently, he is undergoing the second phase of chemotherapy. He is at present in Boston. It is expected that he will return in action by the middle of May. For the treatment, Yuvi has gone bald and this will continue until the process of rehabilitation starts in April.

After being diagnosed with the disease, he has not been able to play competitive matches. In the World Cup, he was honoured by the prestigious award, Man Of The Tournament. His performance in the World Cup was totally incredible. We all wish him his speedy recovery.

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