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Friday, April 13, 2012


Maneka Sorcar, daughter of great magician P.C.Sircar (Jr.) will tie the knot very soon with Sushmit Haldar, son of Trinamool Congress MP Dr. Sucharuranjan Haldar. Dr. Sucharuranjan Haldar is a famous skin specialist also. The marriage will be on 2 May and the reception will be on 5 May 2012 at Sangam hall of Fort William.
 This marriage of Maneka and Sushmit Haldar is not a love marriage. P.C.Sircar was looking for a suitable groom for his daughter through matrimonial advertisement in news paper and both the families came in contact through the advertisement.
 Maneka Sircar is presently performing as a magician in stage shows in both India and abroad. Sushmit has completed his education from abroad and presently he is the President of West Bengal Council of Vocational Training and Education.

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