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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Is Anu Aggarwal - Ex Super Model and Bollywood Actress

Ex-super model Anu Agarwal entered the Bollywood film industry like a fresh air. Anu Aggarwal was a combination of brain and beauty. Anu Agarwal was Delhi University topper. Anu Aggarwal made her debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s film, Aashiqui in 1990. The film Aashiqui is still remembered for its music and Anu aggarwal. The fresh innocent face and looks of Anu Aggarwal made people crazy.

Anu before accident
After Aashiqui, Anu Aggarwal worked in many Hindi films but none of the films helped Annu to build her career in Hindi films. Afterwards Anu Aggarwal vanished from Bollywood

Anu Aggarwal was traced last year in Mumbai. Anu tried her best to hide herself from the media but failed. At that time it was said that Anu Aggarwal is in US and she is working as a yoga instructor. The latest news of Anu Aggarwal is that she has written a book on her life
although she do not thinks that the book is her biography.It is Anu's statement that she meet an accident in 1999 but cannot remember what happened at that time, who were with her. Anu was in comma for 29 days and after that she found herself half paralysed.

Presently Anu Aggarwal has no connection with the Bollywood film industry. Anu Aggarwal is still single, not married.

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