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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After Hate Story Paoli Dam will work in Love Games – a film of Bikram Bhatt on wife swapping

It seems that Paoli Dam has decided to act in bold characters without considering the story, expected box office report and her own career. Recently Paoli Dam was in hot news for her debut Hindi film Hate Story. Since last 2-3 months, Paoli Dam and her Hate Story was one of the most searched topics in the net. The film released in the last half of April and the entire hype vanishes into the blue. A week script, unnecessary bold scenes did not helped Paoli Dam to move an inch forward so far as her acting career is concerned. The only gain in the industry is that producer of Hate Story has got an actress like Paoli Dam who is totally fresh in Bollywood industry and who is ready to act in nude scenes.

Vikram Bhatt is planning another film with Paoli Dam in the lead role – Love Games, a film on wife swapping. Again such a topic which can incorporate many bold lovemaking scenes.

So far as Vikram Bhatt’s new film Love Games is concerned, The project is in very initial stage. Paoli Dam thinks that she has to study on the topic – wife swapping. Paoli Dam thinks that wife swapping is a reality in present times.

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