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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poonam Pandey’s debut film I Am 18 is a false statement by the actress

Poonam Pandey is always in hot news. She is either uploading her nude pictures or making hot statements. Recently Poonam Pandey made a statement that after rejecting 30 Bollywood films, she has accepted the offer to play the lead role in I Am 18. Poonam Pandey claimed that the film would an erotic film and she will appear in many bold scenes. Poonam Pandey further claimed that so far as boldness is concerned, sky is the limit.

Poonam said that Amit Saxena of Jism fame is the director of the film. There was a rumour also that Poonam Pandey is taking 1 crore for the film I Am 18.

A recent statement from Amit Saxena is very interesting. It is a heart-breaking statement for Poonam Pandey fans. Amit said that he has meet with the team for couple of times but nothing is confirmed yet. Amit Saxena said that the project is not yet finalised.

What’s this Poonam baby! Publicity is needed but not in this style. It is clear that Poonam Pandey made a false statement about her debut film. Poonam even said that she had completed reading the script within few hours. Let's wait for Poonam Pandey's reaction over the statement of Amit Saxena.

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