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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Parambrata Chottopadhyay and his next Bengali film Haowa Badal

Parambrata Chottopadhyay’s recent film Hemlock Society is running successfully in theatres. Performance of both Parambrtata and Koel Mallick is praised by filmy critics. Parambrata Chottopadhyay has started his next film Haowa Badal and he is the director of this film. Day by Day Parambrata Chottopadhyay is becoming as asset to Bengal film industry as both actor and director. Business partner and friend of Parambrata Chottopadhyay, Rudranil Ghosh is also in this film Haowa Dabal.

Anindya Bose is writing the script of Haowa Badal and Indradeep Dasgupta is the music director of the film. The main casts of the film Haowa Badal are Raima Sen, Neha Panda, Rudranil Ghosh and Parambrata Chottopadhyay himself. Kaushik Ganguly and Kamalika Banerjee will appear in guest roles in the film.

Story of the film Haowa Badal

Bengali film Haowa Badal is about two friends. The two friends studied together and afterwards settled in different locations with different professions. One of the friends, Jeet has achieved every thing in life. Jeet is a successful professional with beautiful house, car, wife and kid. On the other hand, the other friend  Raj is still struggling. Raj has taken music as his profession and he spent some time in Mumbai but got no break. Raj ultimately come back to Kolkata and started a band. Life style of Raj is not in the proper route. At this stage of life, Raj and Jeet again meet and from that point of the story their life starts changing.

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