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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rajesh Khanna – Anita Advani case is now a hot topic

During the last few years Rajesh Khanna was not in news. After death it seems that he will be in hot news for few more months. On 17 July 2012, Tuesday Anita Advani send a legal notice to Rajesh Khanna claiming that she is live-in partner of Rajesh Khanna for many years and she needs compensation, a house to stay and a monthly maintenance. It is well known that Rajesh Khanna had a relation with her childhood friend Anita Advani. Till now no comments from Akshay Kumar or any other members of Khanna family is received. People of Bollywood industry know that Anita Advani has a close relationship between Rajesh Khanna and Anita Advani. Anita Advani is 50 years old and she used to visit Rajesh Khanna in hospital also. Anita was present in the crowd on the day of funeral of the first superstar of Indian cinema but she was prevented from boarding the truck that was carrying Rajesh Khanna’s mortal.

What is in the legal notice?

Anita Advani told that she is not interested in Aashirwad but she wants to convert the bunglow into a museum as is was a dream of Rajesh Khanna. Anita further told that she took care of Rajesh Khanna when he was badly in need of support from his family members. As per Anita, she has sacrificed everything in her life and lived with Rajesh Khanna for last 10 years. In the notice it is claimed that Rajesh Khanna told that he was in love with Anita and promised to take care of her. As per the notice Anita stayed with Rajesh for last 10 years till she was restrained by Rajesh Khanna from entering the house in June 2012.

As per legal experts, live-in partners do not have legal right to claim maintenance , only married woman can claim.  Rajesh Khanna was married to Dimple Kapadia and there was no divorce.

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