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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anjan Dutta – a complete artist of Bengal

Anjan Dutta is a versatile artist of Bengal. He is a smart actor, a film director and a singer of different class. This article is on Anjan Dutta as an artist.

Anjan Dutta could have concentrate only on serious Indian films. As an actor Anjan Dutta is of super quality. Anjan Dutta could have concentrate only on modern Bengali songs. Anjan Dutta opened a new dimension to Bangla music. As film director Anjan Dutta has presented many fantastic films. Actually a man like Anjan Dutta with so much talent can not bind himself in one area of art.

 Brief profile of Anjan Dutta

Date of birth: 19 January, 1953
Education: Schooling from St.Paul’s School, Darjeeling and M.A. in English from Calcutta University.
Son: Neel Dutta, famous music director

 Anjan Dutta as an actor and director

During his university days his interest for acting grows and he joined Badal Sarkar’s group of theatre. He was associated with theatre for long time and ultimately he joined Bengal film industry. His debut film was ‘Chalachitro', directed by Mrinal Sen.  From the start of his career, Anjan Dutta was interested only on meaningful cinemas. His smart and intelligent acting in ‘Kharij’ was loved by audiences but most of the films he acted during that time were not commercially successful. His acting career in films was at stake at that time and he had to even work as journalist at that time in a famous English daily news paper. Thanks God, the artist again comes back to his own trade. Anjan Dutta has worked in many films as actor and he has a special position in Bengal film industry as an actor. As a director also Anjan Dutta is different from others.

 Anjan Dutta acted films

2010: Mahanagar @ Kolkata
2009: Madly Bengalee
2002: Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, directed by Aparna Sen
2001: Dekha
1995: Yugant
1994: Antareen
1993: Shilpi
1993: Sunya Theke Suru
1992: City of Joy
1992: mahaprithivi
1991: City of Hope
1989: Ek Din achanak
1988: Nuit Bengali
1982: Grihajuddha
1982: Kharij
1981: Chaalchitra

 Anjan Dutta directed films

2011: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona
2009: Madly Bengalee
2009: Chowrasta
2008: Chalo Let’s Go
2007: Bow Barracks Forever (English)
2007: The Bong Connection (English)
1997: Bada Din (Hindi)

  Anjan Dutta as singer

During 90s, Anjan Dutta entered the Bengali music world with his unique style. His music is a perfect blend of Western and Indian folk songs. Lyrics of his songs are written by himself. Previously he used to compose the music of his songs. Presently his son, Neel Dutta sets music in his songs. Anjan Dutta’s lyrics are very simple and always tell a story.

Anjan Dutta’s released music disks are

1994 - Shunte Ki Chao
1995 - Purono Guitar
1996 - Bhalobashi Tomay
1997 - Keu Gaan Gaye
1998 - Ma
1998 - Chalo Bodlai
1998 - Priyo Bandhu
1999 - Hello Bangladesh
1999 - Kolkata-16
2000 - Bandra Blues
2000 - Asamoy
2001 - Rawng Pencil
2004 - Onekdin Por
2005 - Ichchhe Korei Eksathe
2007 - Abar Pothey Dekha
2007 - Ami ar Godot

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