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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bengali actor Prasenjit Chatterjee – his new movie Shanghai and the liplock kissing sceene

Prasenjit Chatterjee’s new movie Sanghai is in hot news for the liplock kissing scenebetween the Bengali actor and Kalki. Read this article to know how the director, Prasenjit and her heroine in the movie Kalki prepared themselves to make the lovemaking kissing scene a real one.

Once intimate lovemaking scenes were restricted in Bengali films. Actors and actresses were not ready to appear before the camera in bold scenes. Situation has changed now. Many Bengali movies are being made in last 2-3 years where Bengali actors are seen in bold lovemaking intimate scenes.  Few months back, Bengali superstar Prasenjit Chatterjee and Kamalinee were seen in a bold scene in Bengali movie Aparajita Tumi. In the upcoming movie of Prasenjit Chatterjee Shanghai, Prasenjit and her heroine Kalki are found in a liplock kissing scene.

Director of the movie Shanghai Dibakar Banerjee wanted an intimate kissing scene between Prasenjit and Kalki in his movie. In the workshop of Atul Mongia, the actors prepared themselves. The kissing scene is in kitchen. Both the actors rehearsed the shot number of times before the final take. It was very much traumatic for Kalki to shot such a scene. Dibakar Banerjee instructed Kalki to ‘attack’ Prasenjit. Kalki actually bit Prasenjit’s lips. Director Dibakar Banerjee instructed the actors not to stop the smooching till he said cut. During the kissing scene, Prasenjit and Kalki went out of the frame. The camera was focused on the tap in the kitchen and the two actors were still engaged in kissing. Ultimately the end comes and the actors realised that they were out of the frame.  Kalki became mad after hearing that they were continueing the intensive smooching and director was busy in shooting the tap in kitchen. This is an unique experience for Prasenjit also.

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