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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bengali film Icche and its story and cast & crew

In this article you will get the story of Bengali film Icche and information of cast & crew of the film.

Icche is a Bengali film on a mother and her son. The film revolves around the relation of Manas Chatterjee, his wife Mamata and their only son Soumik. Bratya Basu is Manas in this film, Sohini Sengupta plays the role of Mamata and Samadarshi Dutta is Soumik in this film. Mamata has many dreams for her son, Soumik and wants to bring up her child in such a manner that Soumik becomes successful in all respect in his life. Manas, on the contrary are not at all ambitious and Mamata dislikes this attitude of Manas. In a word adolescence period of Soumik was snatched away from Soumik for the shake of career. Soumik has to sacrifice his love for her mother as she did not want Soumik to loose his focus from his career oriented life. Soumik was in love for the second time during his college days but the mother once again tried to spoil the relationship.

The story of the film can be found in most of the family today. Icche is based on the story of an obsessive mother and her son. In this film Icche, the mother has sacrificed her entire life for the career of her son. Soumik is lucky enough that his father is not in the race. He has at least one shelter. In many cases both the parents want their child to sacrifice all desires and concentrate only on career. The parents also participate in race with other parents to develop the career of their child. This is a very dangerous sign and all of us have to think over it.

 Cast and crew

 Sohini Sengupta
Samadarshi Dutta
 Bratya Basu
 Ruplekha Mitra
 Bidita Bag

Direction,Screenplay & Dialogue: Nandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee
Music, Lyrics & Background Score: Surojit Chatterjee
Director Of Photography: Soumik Halder
Editor: Moloy Laha
Sound: V.N Kishor, Biswajit Sengupta, Tito
Costume : Ruma Sengupta
Art Director: Tanmoy Chakroborty
Producer: Jignis Films
Presenter : Rakesh Singh And Rituparna Sengupta

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