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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bengali film Take One where Swastika Mukherjee will perform in bold scenes

Hot Swastika
Director Mainak Bhoumick is making a controversial film Take OneĀ in Bengali. The film is based on one of the most controversial event of one of the recent Bengali film actresses, Paoli Dam.

In recent past, the whole Bengal film industry was rocked with the bold nude scene of Paoli Dam in film Chhatrak. The film was shown in Cannes film festival. Paoli Dam appeared in many bold scenes in the film and in one bed scene, Paoli Dam and Anubrata Basu were engaged in lovemaking where Paoli has no thread over her body.

Bengal film industry was divided into two fractions over the scene. Some supported but majority of film industry people expressed that the situation could have been narrated without making the heroine nude. The people with the second opinion said that Paoli Dam did that scene to get popularity.

Arindam Sil produced Take One will be like a documentary film where the film will focus on the issue of reaction of people over the scenes. Producer Arindam Sil said that the film will try to show how Hippocratic is our filmy people.

Swastika has accepted to do the role of Paoli Dam and she is ready to expose her body for the need of the film.

Anubrata Basu and Vikram Chatterjee are also in the film. Vikram Chatterjee is boy friend of Paoli Dam in real life.

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