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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bengali Movie On Park Street Rape Case In February 2012

Park Street rape case in February 2012 will be now portrayed in Bengali movie. Director Partha Mukherjee has decided to make a movie on the incident of Park street rape.

Park Street rape case was in hot news two months ago. The rape case, initial role of state administration and ultimate breakthrough in the case, everything were in hot news. The prime suspect is not yet arrested. Director Partha Mukherjee is making a Bengali movie on the Park Street rape case and name of the movie is Park Street. Shooting of the movie has been started.

In real life an Anglo Indian woman was raped whose name is not yet disclosed. In the Bengali movie Park Street, actress Dolon Roy will play in the role of that rape victim and her name in the movie is Julie. The incidences upto the rape of Julie in Bengali movie Park Street is same as the real case. In Bengali movie Park Street, Julie is a regular customer at nightclubs in Kolkata. One night Julie meets few young boys at a nightclub and takes a lift while returning back to home. On the way Julie was raped.

Amitabha Bhattacharya and Sudip Mukherjee are in the role of the culprits in Bengali movie Park Street.

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