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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bengali movie Teen Tanaya – story, cast & crew and download

First feature film of Shukla Mitra, Teen Tanaya is based on three poems - Koni, Camellia and Phanki of Rabindranath Tagore. Shukla Mitra has made two TV serials before this feature movie and both are based on Tagore.

The movie is a family affair for Sukla Mitra, her daughter Rupanjana has acted in one of the female roles in this movie and her husband Gautam Mitra is music Director of the movie, Teen Tanaya.

Actors or Actresses of this movie are basically from the small screen, like Debottam and Sudipta in the first segment, Bhaswar and Soumili in the second segment and Saheb Chattopadhyay and Rupanjana in the third and final segment.

Story of the movie Teen Tanaya

This movie Teen Tanaya is a basically a love movie, divided into three segments. The first segment ‘Koni’ is about a girl who is friendly with her childhood friend Amal. This girl is little bit different from other girls. The girls father wag against the relationship from the beginning and Koni got married to an unknown person, choice was her parents. In that time Amal had gone abroad for higher studies. After completion of his studies, Amal come back and the story of the movie takes a new turn.

In this segment, Debottam acted as Amal
Sudipta as Koni
 Kharaj Mukherjee as the  stern father
Rwita Dutta Chakrabarty as Koni’s mother.

In the second segment ‘Camellia’ is about a commercial artist Nalin who falls in love with Kamala but can not express his love to her. Like many love movies, Kamala and her friends went to Darjeeling and Amal landed there before them. Even in Darjeeling, Nalin could not speak to her. He came back to Ghatsila with the seed of the Camellia plant. At Ghatsila he meets a tribal girl, Mungli.

Kamala came to Ghatsila with her friends, but here also Nalin failed to express his desire before Kamala. He came to know that Kamala has a boy friend.

One day the Camellia plant blossoms and Nalin expresses his love for Mungli.

Bhaswar acted as Nalin and Soumili acted as Kamala in this movie.

The third segment of this movie Teen Tanaya is ‘Phanki’. It is about a girl, Binu who is from a well to do family. Suddenly she becomes a patient with an incurable illness. Doctor advised her for a change. Binu and her husband went outside for a holiday where Binu for the first time came to know about proverty. Ultimately Binu could not recover from her illness and died.

Saheb acted as the supportive husband and Rupanjana is Binu in this movie.

Cast & crew of Bengali movie Teen Tanaya

Saheb Chattopadhyay
Rupanjana Mitra
Soumili Biswas
Bhaswar Chatterjee
Sudipta Chatterjee

 Director of Bengali Movie Teen Tanaya – Shukla Mitra

Producer of Bengali Movie Teen Tanaya – Tara Maa Movies

 Music Director of Bangla Cinema Teen Tanaya – Goutam Mitra

Release Date of Bengali movie Teen Tanaya – 28th January 2013

Download option of songs of Teen Tanaya from website.

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