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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dev starrer Bengali film Halfgaan-i-stan postponed

Bengali film Halfgaan-i-stan, directed by Rangan Chakraborty has been postponed. This is the second postponed Bengali film in this year. The first postponed film was Kakababu of Srijit Mukherjii.

Devwas all set to play the role of Goopy in Halfgaan-i-stan. There is a rumour that the conflict between director and producer of Halfgaan-i-stan is the main cause behind the postponed of the film although producer Rana Sarkar denied this type of allegation. According to producer the date problem has compelled to postponed the shooting of Halfgaan-i-stan. They assume that within 40 – 45 days the shooting in Ladakh will be finished but now they have realized that it would take minimum 65 days. Producer Rana Sarkar told that the shooting will start after few months.

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