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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Bengali movie Taasher Desh by Qaushik Q Mukherjee

Qaushik Q Mukherjee is now busy with his latest Bengali movie Taasher Desh.Read this article to know about the story behind making the movie Taasher Ghar.
Qaushik Q Mukherjee is famous after making the movie Gandu. The movie was screened in many international movie festivals though the movie is not yet released in India. Gandu is full of sexual content.
The new film of Qaushik Q Mukherjee is an adaptation of Tagore’s Taasher Desh. The director claims that the film will also be a different style of movie in all respects. Taasher Ghar will be a movie of parallel cinema and the main casts in the film are Imaad Shah, Rii, Anubrata and Joyraaj.
Director Qaushik Q Mukherjee said that in his upcoming film Taasher Ghar, "Sexuality is looked at in a different way in the movie." There will be change in music also. Audiances will experience Taasher Ghar without Rabindra Sangeet. 

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