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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sukumar Ray’s classic HaJaBaRaLa in a 3D Bengali movie

Director Amit Sen is working on Sukumar Ray’s classic HaJaBaRaLa. The movie will be a 3D movie. Read this article to get complete information about the project on HaJaBaRaLa.

Director Amit Sen of comedy movie Notobor Not Out fame is now planning to make a 3D movie on Sukumar Ray’s HaJaBaRaLa. This is going to be the first 3D movie in Bengali. Since there is copyright issue associated with HaJaBaRaLa, Amit Sen is free to make the movie. Goutam Kundu is the producer of the movie on HaJaBaRaLa.

The idea is still in its nascent stage. Director has a plan to include some portions from another classic of Sukumar Ray Abol Tabol in the movie.

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