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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bengali actress Paoli Dam and her debut Hindi film Hate Story

Paoli Dam’s entry in Bollywood Film Industry is going to happen through her debut Hindi film Hate Story. All is set for an erotic entry of Paoli Dam in Bollywood.

Since the film Chatrak was preniered in Cannes Film Festival, Paoli Dam is in hot news. Whether the bold scenes in the film Chatrak were actually required or not, that is a different issue but the fact is that Paoli Dam is in the focus of media. Director Vivek Agnihotri of Hate Story is trying to utilise this media focus and planned for an erotic launch for Paoli Dam in Bollywood through the film Hate Story. Paoli is also getting ready for it. Director of the film Hate Story, Vivek Agnihotri thinks that Hate Story will set a new trend in erotic thrillers in Bollywood films.

Paoli Dam’s Bollywood debut is going to be in hot news for several months. Hate Story is an erotic thriller with some bold scenes. Paoli has got the chance to work in big banner in her debut Hindi film. Hate Story is a Vikram Bhatt production. It is well known fact that in Paoli Dam has no reservations in bold scenes. So we can expect that Hate Story and Paoli Dam are going to be a hot news very soon.

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