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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bengali movie actor Anubrata Basu and his Filmography

Read this article to know the latest news of the Bengali actor Anubrata Basu acted movies and his role in the movies.

Anubrata Basu is one of the most searched actors in Bengali movies, specially after his bold scene in Chhatrak with Paoli Dam. The movies of Anubrata Basu with short description of his roles in the movies are given below:

2011: Chhatrak / Mushrooms In this movie Chhatrak, Bengali actor Anubrata played the role of the male character who developed an intimate relationship with Paoli Dam. Their intimacy led to physical relationship and the [bold scene in Chhatrak between Paoli Dam] and Bengali actor Anubrata created controversies in West Bengal movie industry.

2011: Chittagong
2010: Gandu
Bengali actor Anubrata Basu played the role of Gandu in the black and white movie Gandu. Everybody calls the poor slum boy Gandu who is not happy with his mother and makes friendship with a rickshaw puller. Gandu tries to come out of the disgusting life he is leading. The movie moves around a stream of illusions, dreams and erotic hallucinations.

2009: Maddly Bangale

Anubrata Basu played the role of Benji in the Anjan Dutta movie Madly Bangalee. In this movie, Bengali actor Anubrata Basu is in love with his near adult girlfriend Joy. Joy is a daughter of a widow mother who is in a great dilemma over the relationship. Anubrata had intimate scenes in this movie also.

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