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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Box office report of Bengali films 22se Srabon and Romeo

Is 22se Srabon doing better than Romeo?  Read this article to know how the box office performance of current Bengali films, 22se Srabon and Romeo.

Recently two Bengali films, 22se Srabon and Romeo were in hot news before their release. Among the recent released Bengali films, these two films were expected to do better in box office. Marketing of these two films were also done perfectly. Few songs of both the films are hit even before the release of the films. Expectations of Bengali film lovers were very high on 22se Srabon and Romeo.

22se Srabon and Romeo are totally of different type of films. Romeo is a romantic love film where Dev and Shubhasree are in lead roles. After a long gap, Dev-Shubhasree pair is in Bengali film, so naturally young generation expects romantic scenes, dance sequences from the pair. On the other hand, the recent released film 22se Srabon is based on a strong serious story and actors like Prasenjit, Parambrata Chattopadhyay are in the film.

22se Srabon is released on 30th September while Romeo is released on 4rth November. In that sense, 22se Srabon is in its fifth week and Romeo is just released. Box office report says that Bengali film Romeo is not doing well. In case of Romeo, more than 50 percent seats in cinema halls are lying vacant where as 22se Srabon in its fifth week is still house full.

Box office report of Romeo has raised many questions. Is it an indication about the future trend of Bengali films? Can simple romantic scenes with catchy songs can satisfy audiences. Strong acting of Prasenjit and Parambrata Chattopadhyay in 22se Srabon are appreciated by audiences.

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