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Monday, September 17, 2012

Profile and Biography of model turned actress Anu Agarwal

When she was a model
Anu Agarwal will remain as a mysterious model turned actress in Bollywood film industry. Anu was considered as a perfect blend of brain and beauty. Anu Agarwal was Delhi University topper in Economics. As a model Anu Agarwal was unparallel. Anu Agarwal’s beauty was compared with the light of ‘Diya’.

Brief profile of Anu Agarwal

Date of birth of Anu Agarwal: 11 January 1969
Place of birth of Anu Agarwal: Delhi

Debut film of Anu Agarwal is Aashiqui. Anu’s performance in the film was praised by filmy critics. After Aashiqui, Anu Agarwal acted in many B-grade films and gradually disappeared from Bollywood. Anu Agarwal’ last film so far is Return of Jewel Thief in 1996. It is said that she met a fatal car accident and lost her memory. Few years back, Anu Agarwal was seen in Mumbai. Anu Agarwal now looks more aged than her actual age. The beauty is no more in Anu’s face. Rumour is that Anu Agarwal is now a Yoga instructor in a place of USA.

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