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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Recent news of Paoli Dam - she will play the role of Charulata in Bengali movie Nashtaneer

Looking for latest or recent news of Paoli Dam? Paoli Dam is all set to appear as Charulata in Bengali movie, Nashtaneer, directed by Ashok Viswanathan.

Paoli Dam is one of the best actresses in Bengali movies of present time and recent news of Paoli Dam is that she will be now seen as Charulata in a Bengali film based on Tagore’s famous novel Nashtaneer. The title name of the film is also kept Nashtaneer. Ashok Viswanathan is the director of the Bengali movie, Nashtaneer.

This role is going to be a landmark in filmy career of Paoli Dam as the character of Charulata requires lot of acting and the talented actress of Bengali movies, Paoli has already proved that she is a skillful enough to justify the role.

Joy Sengupta will play the role of Paoli’s husband in the movie, Nashtaneer and another upcoming actor, Shaheb Chatterjee is in the role of brother-in-law of Charulata. Director, Ashok Viswanathan has revealed that his film Nashtaneer will more or less follow the novel, with few changes and there would be few bold scenes in this film. Paoli Dam and Saheb Chatterjee will shoot for few bold intimate scenes in Nashtaneer.

In recent times, Paoli was in hot news due to her bold scenes in Chhatrak. She has some bold scenes in Bengali film Nashtaneer also but Paoli has to prove again that she is not that class of actresses who can only do bold scenes. Charulata in Bengali film Nashtaneer is a very critical character and director of Nashtaneer has every faith in Paoli. Chhatrak is not yet released in West Bengal but here is a chance for Paoli to slap her critics through the film Nashtaneer.
Satyajit Ray made Charulata based on the same novel and Madhabi Mukhopadhyay was Charulata in that film. Paoli will be compared with Madhabi after the release of Nashtaneer and it is unavoidable.

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