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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tista Das a noted transsexual Bengali actress in Indian films

This is an article on Tista Das who is the first in West Bengal to undergo sex reassignment surgery
 Tista was born as Sushanto Das on 20 December 1976 in Kolkata. Sushanto had gender identity disorder and as a result underwent sex reassignment surgery. After the plastic surgery, Sushanto became Tista. Initially there was lot of controversies over the conversion.

Tista along with her educations, joined the Indian film industry. She has acted in many Bengali and Hindi films. Tista acts in Bengali TV serials also and recently she has joined Bengali theatre.

Tista is a graduate from Bethune College of University of Calcutta through correspondence. Tista has worked as research assistant also for a University of California project on gender identity disorder.

Filmography of Tista Das

Beyond Reflections
Ebong Fera
The Third Gender?
I could not be your son, mom

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