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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Expected Bollywood celebrity motherhood in 2012-2013

Amrita Arora is the next Bollywood celebrity who is expecting her second baby. It is expected that Amrita Arora will deliver her second child in the month of October or November. Amrita Arora wants a baby girl this time. 

Amrita Arora was in the Bollywood circuit for a short period but she can be seen in many Bollywood social gatherings. Baby bump of Amrita Arora was visible for the first time when she attended the baby shower of Shilpa Shetty. Recently Amrita Arora was seen in Ganapati Puja at Salman Khan’s residence.

Juhi Parmar is a known face in national TV channels. Juhi became more famous after winning the last edition of Bigg Boss. Juhi is expecting her first child in January 2013. As this is the first pregnancy of Juhi Parmar, she is passing through a lot of changes everyday. Juhi Parmar and her husband want a healthy child although Juhi has a special soft corner for a baby girl.

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