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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Profile and Biography of Leena Chandavarkar

Leena Chandavarkar was an Bollywood actress who worked in many Hindi films. As an actress Leena Chandravarkar was never an ambitious and she has worked in mainly romantic roles.
Leena Chandravarkar was born in 1948 and father of Leena Chandravarkar was an Army officer. Leena was married to Siddarth Bandodkar. After the death of her first husband, Leena got married to famous singer Kishore Kumar in 1980. Kishore Kumar died on 1987. Kishore Kumar and Leena Chandravarkar have a son, Sumit.
Leena Chandravarkar is unlucky so far as married life is concerned. Leena’s first husband died when she was only 25 years old. Afterwards Leena Chandravarkar married legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Age difference between Kishore Kumar and Leena Chandravarkar was almost 20 years. Initially Leena’s family members were against the marriage with Kishore Kumar but ultimately every thing settled down. Leena and Kishore Kumar married life lasted for 7 years only as Kishore Kumar died in 1987.

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