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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Realisation of Paoli Dam – she won’t strip now

Bengali bombshell Paoli Dam has decided that in her next film she won’t strip for success of the film. Paoli Dam is labeled as sex symbol in most of the adult web sites. It seems that nobody is bothered about acting skill of Paoli Dam. Paoli is a good actress also and she don’t need to expose herself to become popular.

Paoli Dam exposed a lot in Hate Story but the film was a flop due to bad story and editing. From the start of promotion of the film, bare back poster of Paoli Dam was used to attract audiences in theatre. Vikram Bhatt, the producer of Hate Story decided to produce another film on wife swapping with Paoli Dam as the leading actress. Vikram Bhatt thought that Hate Story will be a hit in box office and Paoli image will make the next film a success. Every calculations have flopped and now Vikram is making a film with Paoli Dam where Paoli is playing the role of a lawyer. 

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