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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bengali actress Subhashree Ganguly will marry a non filmy boy

Subhashree Ganguly

There was a rumour that Bengali actress Subhashree and Bengali actor Dev shares a special relationship. It was supposed that they were more than friends. Suddenly things are changing. Once it was thought that in future Subhashree and Dev will share a special relationship, not just friends. It seems that there is a split in relationship between the two.

Subhashree has signed a film opposite another Bengali hero Jeet and that too not discussing with Dev. Dev congratulated Subhashree after reading this news in paper.

Subhashree admits that her relationship with Dev is not so called filmy good friends, but something more than that. Dev is just like a family friend although they are not into a relationship.

Recently Puja has made some statements on Subhashree and this may be the main reason of Subhashree’s sudden change. Puja told to a news paper that Subhashree has a great body but she should brush up on her acting skills. 

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Ultimately Subhashree said that although marriage is not in the hands of human beings, she desires to get married to a non filmy person. Subhashree’s plan is to quit film industry after marriage so that she can take care of her family and kids.


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