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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Profile and Biography of Hindi film actress Bindu


During 70’s and 80’s, Bindu’s name can be found in most of the commercial Hindi films. Bindu played the roles of vamp in most of her films although the actress with beautiful face and  figure could have been casted in other type of roles also. Producers and directors never considered Bindu in leading roles. Bindu was a good dancer and in most of her films, Bindu’s cabaret dance was compulsory.

Brief profile of actress Bindu

Date of birth of Bindu: 17 January 1951

Father of Bindu: Nanubhai Desai

Mother of Bindu: Jyotsna Desai

Place of birth of Bindu: Valsad, Gujarat

Husband of Bindu: Champaklal Zaveri

In 1962, Bindu made her debut through Hindi film Anpadh. During that period, Bindu – Helen – Aruna Irani were famous for their vamp roles in Hindi films. Inspite of talent and capability to become a heroine, Bindu had to be satisfied with the side roles.
Presently Bindu and her husband reside at Pune and enjoying their lives. Bindu can be seen in race course in Pune as this is her new passion.

Some of the famous films of Bindu

AnpadhDo RaasteKati PatangAbhimaanZanjeerArjun Pandit

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