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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bengali actress Koel Mallick and her marriage related information

Koel and Nishpal before marriage

Bengali actress Koel Mallick and film producer Nishpal Singh Rane will tie the knot on 1 February 2013 – this news in not unknown to anybody. Everybody is interested to know what Koel is planning, will Koel continue her acting career after marriage? What’s the opinion of Koel’s parents about her inter caste marriage? Who is Nishpal Singh Rane? How Koel will dress herself in her marriage? In this article you will get all information related to Koel Mallick’s marriage.

 Plans of Koel Mallick

At present Koel has no upcoming film. The main reason is that Koel has stopped signing films as there was a rumour that Koel may quit film industry after marriage. Koel Mallick wants to continue acting as her would be husband Nishpal also wants her to continue acting after marriage. Koel Mallick wants to enjoy and participate in all our traditional customs after marriage and for that reason she is not signing films right now. Another reason is that Koel Mallick has become very choosy regarding her films.

Koel Mallick’s parents and the marriage

Koel Mallick’s father Ranjit Mallick is very happy as Koel and Nishpal will get married on 1 February 2013. Ranjit Mallick has full faith on Nishpal as a son-in-law. Koel’s mother also likes Nishpal.

About Nishpal Singh Rane

Nishpal Singh Rane is from a businessman family. Their family business is film production. Nishpal Singh Rane is also involved in their family business. Nishpal Singh rane lives at New Alipore with his parents and younger brother. Nishpal has an elder and younger sister. Both the sisters are married.

How the relationship started

During her shooting days, Koel Mallick developed friendship with Nishpal Singh rane. At that time they were simply good friends. Different filmy magazines started writing about their relationship. Gradually the friendship turned towards another relationship and it was Koel Mallick who proposed first.

Koel Mallick considers Nishpal Singh as a sensitive and caring person. Nishpal is totally a next door boy who is a human being first and then a producer.

Koel Mallick’s dress during her marriage

The marriage of Koel and Nishpal will be following both Punjabi and Bengali tradition. First the marriage will in Punjabi tradition and on the same day the Bengali tradition marriage will be held. 

Like traditional Bengali marriage, Koel Mallick will also wear Banarasi saree. The colour may be red or pink. Koel’s mother has already started purchasing golden ornaments for her marriage. Apart from the new ornaments, Koel will also wear ornaments of her grandmother.

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