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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bengali film Ekti Apremer Golpo – story cast and crew of the movie Ekti Apremer Golpo

Director Amit Roychoudhury is making a Bengali film title Ekti Apremer Golpo, where love, tension, tragedy of human lives is portrayed. The film deals with the present situation of our society and how the common people are victims here. The unsafe situation of our women in the society is also highlighted in the film Ekti Apremer Golpo.

Story of the film Ekti Apremer Golpo

Deboprasad is a honest and fearless person working in government office. Deboprasad, his wife Archana, son Tonmoy, neighbour of Deboprasad - Animesh, daughter of Animesh and Shobha Bristi, promoter Shyamal Mandol and his son Palash and Parna are the main characters in the film Ekti Apremer Golpo.

Tanmoy and Bristi are in love and their marriage was decided by both the families. Suddenly Deboprasad was murdered. Tanmoy and Bristi marriage was cancelled. Someone threatened Bristi to to cut off the relationship from Tonmoy. Tonmoy and his mother settled down in a distant location and Tanmoy gets a job in block development office as officer. One day, while Tanmoy was driving his car, suddenly a girl named Parna comes in front of his car. A criminal, Palash was chasing Parna. Tanmoy rescue Parna and gradually he falls in love with Parna. Tanmoy and Parna started sharing a close intimate relationship. Parna becomes pregnant. They fixed their registry marriage date. Again a tragedy occuirs, on that date Palash throw acid on Parna's face and her face was burnt. Parna refuses to marry Tonmoy with such a ugly face and Bristi suddenly reappears in Tonmoy's life. The complexity starts in the life of Tanmoy.

Shooting of the film Ekti Apremer Golpo is completed.

Cast and crew of the movie Ekti Apremer Golpo

Rohan Bhattacharjee as Tonmoy
Pamela as Bristi
Mita as Parna
Rita Koiral
Bodhisatta Majumder

Director: Amit Roychoudhury
Story: Shubhabrata Das
Script and Dialog: Moloy Bandopadhyay
Music: Tutul Bhattacharjee
Singers: Kumar Sanu
Puja Chakraborty
Pallab Chakraborty
Alka Yagnik
Rima Mukhopadhyay


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