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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anushka Sharma and her health consciousness

Anushka Sharma's health
Anushka needs few more kilos

Anushka Sharma is a hot name in Bollywood film circuit. In a very short span of time Anushka Sharma has proved her acting talent and she has been praised by filmy critics for her performance in films. Anushka Sharma’s health is another very hot topic in filmy world. It is said that Anushka is very thin and she must gain some weight.

Anushka Sharma has recently opened her mouth regarding her health and said that she undergoes weight training to get few kilos in her weight and she has taken special efforts to obtain better shaped legs.

Anushka describes herself as a woman with a lean built and lean muscle mass. Anushka said that woman of her types take much time to put on weight.

Many actresses in Bollywood are trying their best to lose weight where Anushka is the only actress who needs more weight. Anushka is a tall girl and this is also another reason why she looks skinny.

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