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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bengali film Blackmail – story, cast and crew of the movie Blackmail

Bengali film Blackmail is based on suspense, blackmailing and love. Blackmail is a masala packed movie.

Story of the Bengali film Blackmail

Bengali movie Blackmail is a suspense film and portrays the present generation where every step in life is to be taken carefully. Blackmailing has become a culture of modern society. The story of the film Blackmail revolves around three characters played by Rohan, Arunima and Nimisha. The love among these characters is suspicious and always there is blackmail among them selves.

Cast and crew of Bengali film Blackmail

Rohan Bhattacharje
Arunima Ghosh
Nimisha Dey Sarkar and others.


Director: Surya Saha.
Producer: Raj Kumar Saha and Sushmita Saha
Story written by: Tapan Bhattacharya
Music Director: Deb Sen
Lyricist: Goutam Susmit

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