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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Married life of Roopa Ganguly and the troubles she faced

Bengali Actress Roopa Ganguly
Roopa Ganguly
In 1992, Roopa Ganguly tied the knot with Dhrubo Mukherjee, an Engineer. After marriage, according to Roopa Ganguly, Dhrubo started suffering from jealousy as Rupa’s fame as an actress was increasing. Dhrubo wanted Roopa to settle down in married life as a housewife. Roopa Ganguly tried her best to manage her married life. Roopa s first priority was her husband and after that she focused on her acting career – as said by Roopa Ganguly. 

Roopa tried to win the heart of her husband by doing all domestic works like a simple housewife. Roopa Ganguly left acting twice for the shake of her married life. At home Roopa never behaved like a celebrity but failed to reach her man. Dhrubo did not support Roopa from any angle – he denied financial support also which forced Roopa to make her comeback in films. Frustrated and fed-up Roopa Ganguly attempted suicide for three times. In 1997, Roopa delivered a son. After the birth of Akash – son of Roopa and Dhrubo, there was no change in Dhrubo’s attitude towards Roopa Ganguly.

From 2002, Roopa Ganguly started thinking about divorce but when she asked for divorce, Dhrubo used to apologise resulting a temporary patch up between the two.

In 2005, Roopa Ganguly finally told Dhrubo about her love with a young musician - Dibyendu. The marriage of Roopa Ganguly and Dhrubo broke in 2006. Dibyendu is 12 years younger than Roopa who is now 46. 

Presently Roopa Ganguly is residing in Mumbai with Dibyendu. Roopa and Dibyendu are not married although Dibyendu offered marriage proposal to Roopa but the actress is not willing to tie the knot again. Akash is with his father Dhrubo. Roopa Ganguly never tried for legal custody of her son Akash. May be still there is a soft corner for Dhrubo in Roopa’s mind.

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