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Friday, January 11, 2013

Niketan Madhok lost his temper in Bigg Boss 6 house – gain for Imam Siddique

Each and every inmates of Bigg Boss 6 house are getting trapped by the tricks of Imam Siddique. Rajev Paul is angry all the time and the reason is Imam Siddique. Urvashi Dhalokia is also losing her temper now and then. The reason is again Imam Siddique. Sana Khan is not a top contender for winning the Bigg Boss 6. Niketan was so far cool and composed but that contestant also lost his cool and it was Imam who helped him to become angry. Niketan normally remains calm in all situations but the model showed his violent side when he pushed Imam in a fit of rage.

Bigg Boss 6 is near its finale and at this stage any misconduct may be very costly. Niketan is considered as the expected winner by many but Imam is playing the game of trick very cleverly. Imam Siddique is trying ti irritate each and every housemates and so far he is successful. It will not be very surprising if Imam Siddique becomes the winner of Bigg Boss 6.


  1. The most entertaining guy in Bogg Boss shows is Imam. Without him others would have so boring as they don't do anything except sleeping whole day. No one wants to see bigg boss just to see them sleeping whole day wthout any entertainment. Imam dserves to win the show after being the best entertainer.

    1. It is expected and Imam is the most energetic and intelligent contestant in Bigg Boss 6.