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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Biography and profile of Madhurima Banerjee

Madhurima Banerjee
Madhurima Banerjee is an Indian actress who has so far acted in mostly South Indian films. Madhurima Banerjee has acted in Telegu, Tamil and Malayalam films. Madhhurima has recently started acting in Bollywood films. The fair looking actress has a bright future in film industry.

Brief profile of Madhurima Banerjee

Date of birth of Madhurima Banerjee: 14 May 1987

Zodiac sign of Madhurima Banerjee: Taurus

Marital status of Madhurima Banerjee: Single till today

Parents of Madhurima Banerjee: Madhurima’s father is a Mechanical Engineer and her mother is a novelist. Earlier Madhurima’s mother was a researcher in the field of virology.

Academic qualification of Madhurima Banerjee: Madhurima has completed Bachelor degree in Law.

Madhurima has a younger brother.

Madhurima made her debut in films with Hindi movie Toss: A Flip of Destiny’ in 2009. After the release of the film, Madhurima concentrated more vin South films, specially Telegu films. In 2012, Madhurima acted in her second Hindi film Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal.

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