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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Divorce rumour of Kannada actress Sonu Gowda

The latest rumour about Kannada actress Sonu Gowda is that she may divorce her husband. The actress herself has not denied or confirmed the rumours about her divorce but it seems that something is going on.
Sonu Gowda

Sonu Gowda got married in 2010 to her long time boy friend Manoj Kumar. Sonu and Manoj got married in a private ceremony as Sonu wanted to keep her heroine image intact. Sonu’s filmy career is now shaping perfectly but may be her personal married life is not in a good shape.

Personal Profile of Sonu Gowda

Date of Birth of Sonu Gowda: 23 March 1990
Sonu Gowda

Father of Sonu Gowda: Ramakrishnan, a make up artist

Sibling: Neha Gowda, a Television actress

Husband of Sonu Gowda: Manoj Gowda

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