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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bengali film actress Rachana Banerjee Biography and Personal Profile

Rachana Banerjee
Looking for biography and personal profile of Bengali actress Rachana BanerjeeWe will provide you information on education of Rachana Banerjee, family of Rachana Banerjee, date of birth of Rachana Banerjee and like these. Sorry, you won’t get information like breast size and shape of Rachana Banerjee, height, chest and waist size of Rachana Banerjee in this article. This site never post fake information.

The first thing to tell about Rachana Banerjee is that after Prosenjit and Rituparna stopped working together, Rachana was heroine of Prasenjit for as many as 35 films. Rachana Banerjee has acted in many Oriya, Hindi and Telegu films also. Apart from Prasenjit, Rachana Banerjee has acted successfully with Jeet and Jishu Sengupta of Bengal film industry.

Apart from acting in  films and stage, Rachana is working as an anchor of TV game show Didi No 1.

Brief profile of Rachana Banerjee

Rachana Banerjee

Date of Birth of Rachana Banerjee: 2 October 1978

Original name of Rachana is Jhumjhum. The name was changed to Rachana by filmmaker Sukhen Das.

Occupation of Rachana Banerjee: acting in films

Spouse: Married Siddhanta Mahapatra but divorced. In year 2017, Rachana married Probal Basu.

Before marriage, Rachana concentrated more in Oriya films. After divorce she has left Oriya film industry. Rachana Banerjee is no longer a teenager but still looks attractive. Rachana won five beauty contests in India and won Miss beautiful smile at Miss india Contest.

Some of the hit films of Rachana Banerjee

Bhalobasar Protidan
Rakhe Hari Mare Ke
Shudhu Bhalobasa
Swamir Deoya Sindur,
2009: Aami Tomader Meye
2009: Kurukshetra (Oriya)
2009: Lakshyabhed
2009: Chaowa Pawa
2010: Maha Sati Sabitri
2013: Goyenda Gogol
2014: Ramdhanu

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