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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dev and latest news about the film Chander Pahar

Recently Dev is back in Kolkata after a 28 day shooting for his upcoming film Chander Pahar in South Africa.

During this period, Dev was injured in shooting but right now he is all right. Tollywood heartthrob Dev is very much excited about his experience during this shooting. Dev had shooting with a python, he climbed rocks, surviving on hot dogs and many more. The film will be dubbed in both Bengali and English.

Dev admits that the shooting of Chander Pahar was tough and strenuous. Dev had to learnt all the required stunts. Dev further told that the Kalahari shooting part in Chander Pahar was extremely difficult as he had to wake up at 3.30 am and finish his breakfast by 4 am. Next food or water was supplied to Dev after the shooting of the day was over. This was done to protect the makeup during that shooting schedule. Dev told that the shooting areas were full of dangers like snakes, poisonous insects etc. Dev even shoot in a river full of crocodiles. Dev admits that on many occasions he wanted to go back to Kolkata as many shoots were realy life threatening. Dev had to stand on the edge of a cliff and he had a shooting with a 12 feet long python. Dev carried the python on his shoulder and the python was licking his ears. 

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