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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jeet vs Dev in Bengali film industry

Prasenjit Chatterjee is still the number one hero in Bengali films but he is no more the romantic hero in Bengali film industry. Among the new generation actors, Dev and Jeet are the most popular romantic actors in Bengali films. Both Dev and Jeet are working with all the recent time glamorous actresses of Bengali films. Both Jeet and Dev have their own audiences and fan clubs in social networking sites.

In the past we have seen the battle between Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee.  Both Soumitra Chatterjee and Uttam Kumar were famous for their own unique style of acting. The audiences created two different lobbies but Uttam Kumar and Soumitrs Chatterjee shared a cordial relationship between themselves.  Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee worked together in so many films but there was never any ego clash between the two great actors of Bengali films.

Prasenjit Chatterjee entered Bengali film industry in 1984. At that Tapas Paul and Chiranjit Chakraborty were two ther romantic heroes in Bengali films.  Tapas Paul and Prasenjit never had any problem so far as their career is concerned. Till today Prasenjit and Tapas Paul are good friends. In many films, Prasenjit and Tapas Paul worked together.

Film industry rumour is that Dev and Jeet have some problems. Till today they have not worked together in a single film and there is no sign that in near future they will work together. In any filmy gathering, Dev and Jeet are never seen together. Recently in a social networking site, Jeet fan club members are attacking Dev and the same action is observed from Dev fan club members. Both Dev and Jeet should think over it. Competition is good but it should be in fair manner.  Jeet and Dev may talk to each other to end the battle.

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