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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Film on filmy life of Suchitra Sen

Bengali actress of yesteryears, Suchitra Sen faced the camera for the last time in film Pranay Pasa and the year was 1978. After the film Suchitra Sen never appeared before camera and gradually she kept herself away from media and even from her colleagues and friends.  What Suchitra is doing now a days, whether she watches films of recent actors and actresses is not known to us. The curiosity about Mrs. Sen is increasing day by day.

Director Abhijit Choudhury of  ‘Patal Ghar’ fame is making a film on filmy career of Suchitra Sen. Director has talked with Raima Sen for the lead role in the film. If everything goes well Raima Sen will portrays the character of Suchitra Sen. The story of the film will focus on a common girl who passes through different obstacles and finally reaches the top and from there she disappears.

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