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Friday, January 17, 2014

Suchitra Sen is dead

Suchitra Sen
The end of legendary actress Suchitra Sen came at 8.25 am on 17 January 2014 due to heart failure.  Suchitra Sen is dead. The madame of Bengali film industry is no more in this world. Death of Suchitra Sen means end of an era. 

As on 12 January, condition of Suchitra Sen is very critical as her breathing difficulties increased and oxygen saturation level dipped further.

As on 13 January, actress Suchitra Sen continued to be in a critical condition and surviving on oxygen support and intravenous feeding.

On 16 January, doctor said that Suchitra Sen may be released from Belle Vue clinic on Saturday as there was sign of improvement in her condition. The end came when everyone was expecting that Suchitra Sen was recovering. 

The 82-year-old actress was suffering from fluctuating heart rate and oxygen saturation and was admitted to Belle Vue clinic on 23 December. Heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation of Suchitra Sen were being constantly monitored and slight improvement was noticed by doctors. On 3 January 2014, Suchitra Sen’s condition starts deteriorating from 12 noon. Suchitra Sen was under treatment in the critical care unit (CCU)and was put under non-invasive ventilator support.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to Belle Vue clinic on 3 January and talked with doctors, Moon Moon Sen and assured them of any kind of help. Suchitra Sen came to know about it and she desired to meet Mamata Banerjee. Mamata Banerjee met Suchitra Sen on 5 January evening and she is the only public personality who met Suchitra Sen in last 35 years. 

Afterwards condition of Suchitra Sen improved but on 9 January again condition starts deteriorating. As on 10 January, Suchitra Sen's condition deteriorated in the afternoon, but stabilised later in the evening, though she was still not out of danger, doctors said.

Suchitra Sen started her filmy career with Bengali film Sharey Chuattor. Her films like Deep Jwele Jaai, Uttar Falguni, Saptapadi, Harano Sur, Saat Pake Bandha in Bengali language will be remembered for ever. Suchitra's Hindi film like Devdas, Bambai Ka Babu and Mamta also created craze in Bollywood.

Suchitra Sen won the best actress award for Saat Paake Bandha at the Moscow film festival in 1963 and quit acting in 1978.

After her retirement from films, Suchitra Sen was living a reclusive life and only meets her daughter Moon Moon Sen and granddaughters Raima and Riya Sen.

Personal Life of Suchitra Sen

Suchitra Sen was born as Rama Dasgupta on 6 April 1931 at Pabna presently in Bangladesh. Suchitra Sen was in film industry from 1953 to 1979 and she was married to Dibanath Sen in 1947Suchitra Sen's father Karunamoy Dasgupta was the headmaster of the local school and her mother Indira Devi was a homemaker.

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